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CBS‘s ’The Good Wife’ Features Judge Praising Occupy Wall Street: ‘I Salute Them’

The Good Wife Praises Occupy Wall StreetThe CBS hit show “The Good Wife” waded into political waters on Sunday when it included a character giving a “salute”* to Occupy Wall Street.

The character, Judge Charles Abernathy played by Denis O’Hare, delivered a mini monologue praising the movement.

“Before we begin,” he said during the episode, which takes place in a Chicago court, “I want to take a few minutes to talk about something that is happening a mere one hundred yards from this courthouse: Occupy Wall Street! Yes, these amazing young men and women are braving 36-degree weather, with the grit in their eyes of a shared cause, and all to challenge the system. And I, for one, I salute them.”

Newsbusters has the clip:

Later, the judge also admits to joining the protesters and was seen sniffling because of, as he said, the use of pepper spray.

The episode, called “Live from Damascus,” centers on a lawsuit against a tech company that sold software to Syria that allowed the government to identify, root out, and “get rid of” American protesters there.

O‘Hare’s character seems intentionally quirky, given the facial reaction by main character Julianna Margulies and the way in which the lines were delivered. Still, even regular fans of the show felt the issue was forced. One reviewer explains:

Sometimes, The Good Wife focuses more on being relevant than being engaging – and this felt like one of those times. The Syrian revolution and the role a tech company played in it felt like too obvious of an attempt to mirror real life events from last year and how Facebook shaped them in countries such as Egypt.

This was especially [true] when it came to Judge Abernathy and his Occupy Wall Street references. Those were all just really odd and really forced. We all love the use of big names behind the gavel – and who has ever not loved Denis O’Hare in anything?!? – but it can be distracting and simply unrealistic when these judges dominate a trial due to odd personality quirks.

But this isn’t the first time “The Good Wife” has gone political. Last year, the show featured a controversial representation of the Tea Party, as Newsbusters notes:

Almost exactly a year ago (February 22, 2011), the show gave prime time legitimacy to the presumption the Tea Party is racist as a lawyer in a courtroom tried to discredit an expert witness (Gary Cole as Sarah Palin supporter “Kurt McVeigh”) who testified against a since-exonerated black defendant, by demanding he admit he’s “a member of the Tea Party.” The lawyer asserts “it is our contention that my client’s prosecution was racist,” citing McVeigh’s “membership in a racist organization,” namely the Tea Party.

To see that clip, head over to Newsbusters.

*Author’s note: Yeah, I noticed the odd “salute” move, too.

Could New Cardinal Timothy Dolan Become the First American Pope?

Will Cardinal Timothy Dolan become the Next Pope?

Pope Benedict XVI giving Cardinal Timothy Dolan his biretta hat during his elevation inside St. Peter's Basilica (AP)

Will American Cardinal Timothy Dolan become the first American pope? This is a question that found its way into observers’ minds of late, as the Archbishop of New York, along with 21 of his fellow Catholic leaders, was elevated to cardinal in Rome on Saturday.

As The Blaze mentioned over the weekend, some Italian and American media outlets have been wondering if Dolan has, due to his charismatic nature and appealing qualities, a chance at becoming the church’s top clergy member.

“Dolan is already being touted by some Vatican experts as a possible future candidate to become the first American pope,” reported MSNBC over the weekend. And and Sunday, ABC News produced a video report exploring this very same subject:

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As we noted in our previous report, Americans are traditionally not considered papal contenders. After all, the U.S. dominates in so many other areas that internationally, the notion of a “Super Power Pope” is generally frowned upon.

But it seems Pope Benedict, among other leaders, has taken a special liking to Dolan. The Huffington Post provides some background about New York’s Catholic leader and his appeal:

Dolan, ordained as a parish priest in St. Louis in 1976, held several academic positions at Catholic universities before becoming the auxiliary bishop of St. Louis in 2001. A little over a year later, he was appointed the Archbishop of Milwaukee. In 2009, he became the archbishop of New York and was elected to lead the bishops’ conference in 2010. As head of New York’s church, he oversees Catholic life in Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island and many of the city’s suburbs.

Dolan’s elevation will give New York two living cardinals who can vote for a new pope, a rarity in the Catholic church. The other is Cardinal Edward Egan, the former archbishop of New York, who was elevated in February of 2001. Egan turns 80 in April. The move by the pope to promote Dolan while his predecessor remains of voting age is a break with tradition, which church observers say shows how much the pope favors New York’s Catholic leader.

Will Cardinal Timothy Dolan become the Next Pope?

Dolan, himself, is aware that there is some papal buzz over his potential future consideration (although ABC News calls it “a long shot”). When asked about the issue on Saturday, he said, “Io non parlo inglese,“ which translates to ”I don’t speak English.” Clearly, he’s not interested in commenting on the matter — but that hasn’t stopped people from chattering about it.

Considering that there’s no telling how long it will be until the next pope is sought out, taking such a humble stance is probably best. While the odds are stacked against Dolan, there’s no telling what the future could hold.

Islamic Worshipers Caught Hurling Stones at Christian Tourists Near Temple Mount

Over a dozen Islamic worshipers were arrested Sunday after they hurled stones at Christian tourists near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem:

According to a police spokesperson, three officers were injured in the ensuing kerfuffle.The Jerusalem Post reports the disturbance started after rumors spread about “right-wing Jews” trying to reclaim area mosques and build a third Jewish temple:

Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben Ruby said the protesters were reacting to reports that a group of right-wing Jews bent on destroying the mosques and building the Third Temple on the site planned to ascend to the Temple Mount en masse, similar to rumors of an attempt led by former Likud primary candidate Moshe Feiglin last Sunday.


Palestinian sources claimed over the weekend that a group of Jews would attempt to storm the Temple Mount in order to “strengthen Israeli sovereignty over the site,” according to the Jordanian newspaper.

Police said no Jews were at the Temple Mount during the altercation. The site remained opened to tourists throughout the day.

Three suspects were arrested on the scene while 10 others were arrested after exiting the al Aksa mosque, the Post reports.

Wild Video: British Boxer Released After Cops Ask Questions Following Post-Fight Brawl With Foe

British Boxer Released After Cops Ask Question Following Post Fight Brawl With Foe | Dereck Chisora | Vitali Klitschko | David Haye

British boxer Dereck Chisora arrives at London's Heathrow Airport from Munich , Germany, Sunday, Feb. 19 2012. British heavyweight boxer Dereck Chisora was released Sunday after nearly seven hours of questioning by Munich police following his brawl with former WBA champion David Haye at a post-fight news conference. A black van carried the boxer and his coach, Don Charles, from police headquarters, speeding past assembled photographers. “He still faces a charge of simple assault but he is allowed to return to England for now,” police spokesman Gottfried Schlicht told The Associated Press. (AP Photo)

MUNICH (AP) — British heavyweight Dereck Chisora was released after nearly seven hours of questioning by police Sunday following his loss in a title bout to Vitali Klitschko and brawl with former WBA champion David Haye at a post-fight news conference.

A black van carried the boxer and his coach, Don Charles, from police headquarters. Police spokesman Gottfried Schlicht told The Associated Press that Chisora could still face charges of causing grievous bodily harm.

Chisora and Charles were detained at Munich airport. Schlicht said police were still looking for Haye, who wasn’t at his hotel.

The Munich-based Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported that Haye went straight to the airport after the brawl Saturday night and took a flight at dawn.

In the mayhem after the bout, Chisora was heard vowing to shoot Haye.

“I swear to God, David, I am going to shoot you. I am going to shoot you. I am going to physically shoot David Haye,” Chisora was heard yelling as he claimed that Haye hit him with a glass.

Chisora’s promoter, Frank Warren, called the brawl “ugly, horrible and disgraceful” but said it was not his boxer who threw the first punch.

British Boxer Released After Cops Ask Question Following Post Fight Brawl With Foe | Dereck Chisora | Vitali Klitschko | David Haye

Coach of David Haye, Adam Booth, left, bleeds from a cut on his head after getting involved in a brawl between British heavyweight boxer Dereck Chisora and former WBA champion Haye during a press conference in Munich early Sunday, Feb. 19, 2012. Chisora and his coach Don Charles were detained at Munich airport on Sunday and taken in for questioning, police spokesman Gottfried Schlicht told The Associated Press. (AP Photo/dapd, Marianne Mueller)

“It was an embarrassment for British boxing,” Warren told Sky Sports News. “I would say they were total idiots.”

Chisora and Haye came to blows after Chisora’s defeat by unanimous decision to Klitschko in their WBC title fight.

Chisora taunted Haye about losing the WBA belt to Klitschko’s younger brother, Wladimir, last July, leading to a heated exchange before Chisora knocked a bottle out of Haye’s hand and they came to blows.

Haye also fought with members of Chisora’s entourage, and his coach, Adam Booth, was bleeding from a cut on his head.

Camera equipment went flying and reporters fled before security managed to separate the men and police arrived.

“You’ve really lost it this time,” Chisora told Haye.

The 40-year-old Klitschko beat Chisora in a bruising bout in which the Ukrainian claimed to have fought from the fourth round with only his right fist after injuring his left shoulder. Klitschko was examined in a Munich hospital Sunday and later reported a partially torn ligament in his left shoulder.

“I think we all heard excuses about a broken toe,” Chisora said before the brawl, referring to Haye’s claim after his defeat to Wladimir Klitschko in Germany last July.

Chisora found little support from the sellout crowd of 12,500 after slapping Vitali Klitschko’s face at the weigh-in Friday. The ill feelings continued when he spat water in Wladimir‘s face as his brother’s record was being called out before their bout.

“I wanted to knock him out, to be honest,” Vitali Klitschko said. “Such a cheek.”

Wladimir acted as a buffer as Chisora persisted in goading them.

Vitali was clearly incensed, but it took some time before he could assert control in the ring against the Briton’s aggressive approach. His greater reach and experience made the difference. The judges scored the bout 118-110, 118-110 and 119-111.

Chisora said he wanted a rematch, or a bout with Wladimir, who is now holder of the IBF and the minor WBO and IBO belts. The younger Klitschko is to fight next against Jean-Marc Mormeck of France on March 3 in Duesseldorf, Germany.

But the British fighter was not optimistic about a rematch.

“He won’t fight me again. I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t fight me either,” he said.

Klitschko improved his record to 44-2 (40 KOs) after what was perhaps the toughest bout he’s had since losing by technical knockout to Lennox Lewis in 2003.

The Zimbabwe-born Chisora dropped to 15-3 (9 KOs) after his third defeat in his last four fights, but he had the fans in Munich’s Olympiahalle worried as Klitschko appeared to tire from his relentless attacks. Sensing an upset, they chanted the Ukrainian’s name in the seventh round before Klitschko reasserted his dominance with precise blows.

Chisora was bleeding from the lip after the first round, but seemed more than capable of taking Klitschko’s multiple punches.

Klitschko eventually took control in the ninth round, catching Chisora with a huge right and seemingly picking his punches at will. Chisora was barely hanging on in the 10th.

“He tried it all, but apart from a few grazes I didn’t get anything more,” Klitschko said.

Chisora gave it everything he had in the 12th and final round as he sought a knockout. But Klitschko, knowing the work was already done, used his greater experience to safely see out the round and maintain the brothers’ dominance of the heavyweight division.

“I wanted to give him what he deserves,” Klitschko said. “It didn’t work out. Life is an interesting thing. Life is long. Who knows? Maybe we’ll meet some other day.”

Blaze Political Analyst Will Cain in Heated CNN Debate on AZ Sheriff Scandal

The Blaze’s Will Cain appeared on a CNN panel with LZ Granderson and Don Lemon Sunday to discuss the resignation of Mitt Romney’s Arizona Campaign Co-Chair Paul Babeu, who stepped down Saturday amidst a scandal involving allegations from a gay lover that the sheriff had threatened to deport him if he went public with their relationship. Babeu is seeking the GOP nomination for an Arizona Congressional seat. The sheriff stepped down from Romney’s campaign Saturday, denying the allegations but acknowledging that he is a gay man and will still run for Congress.

Cain called out Granderson Sunday for making comments that Cain believe generalized a hypocrisy in the GOP in regards to sexuality.

“I think these stories should be looked at as individual circumstances and judged as individual circumstances. LZ, by your own standard, I don’t know how you apply a broad generalization to an entire party. I don’t know how you can do that by your own standard,” Cain said.

Mediaite video of the tense exchange: