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Daily Show Prep: Friday, January 27

Florida debate highlights (videos split into parts)


Student suspended for taking photo of sleeping teacher


Bar exemption sought in Indiana smoking ban


Biden makes fun of Indian people again


Obama wants to raise dropout age to 18


Pat Sajak admits to being drunk while hosting Wheel of Fortune


Indiana’s very own Solyndra


Obama says spat with AZ governor ‘no big deal.’

Brewer disagrees

Here’s a copy of the letter she handed Obama that sparked the confrontation



Michigan proposal to raise gas taxes, and car registration fees


ACLU says teaching creationism is unconstitutional


Remember in 2011 when the theory of evolution (as taught in schools) was turned upside down?


Rich Santorum asked at the debate how Mitt Romney would debate Obama because Romney supports the individual mandate.  Turns out in 1994, so did Santorum.



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Jay Z: People With Integrity Don’t Mind Paying Higher Taxes


Thanks for letting us know you don’t know anything about the budget, and how tax dollars are spent.  To find the “clearly defined” way the money is being allocated … just go here Jay Z.

So, do these people fit your definition of having a ‘conscience, integrity, and moral fiber?’

It’s not that people with integrity don’t mind paying higher taxes, it’s that people with integrity will voluntarily pay higher taxes if they are asking others to do so.

Another example of ‘it’s the spending stupid ‘…

By now you know the latest Obama jobs…

Chuck Woolery Edumacates The Rich Who Feel Guilty About Not Paying Enough Taxes

For years I’ve told you how you can voluntarily pay more taxes to the government.  Yet, I continue to see wealthy liberals say the rich need a tax hike.  I’ve often wondered why their guilt didn’t move their conscience to gift more money to the government.  Also, why do they continue to take advantage of loopholes?  I’m looking right at you Buffet.