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Cain Accuser Works In Obama Administration

A few things I’d like everyone to keep in mind while this all unfolds:

  1. No evidence so far has been released that shows sexual harassment, and certainly nothing criminal has been alleged.  All allegations so far have been of simple flirtation, or common proposition.  It’s only sexual harassment if the perpetrator knows the advances are unwanted, but continues anyway.  At worst, Cain propositioned women he was interested in, and did not pursue when rebuffed.
  2. Why hasn’t there been any allegations against Cain from his life before or after the National Restaurant Association?  A serial sexual harasser should have a long line of allegations not confined to a single time-frame.
  3. Women have been known to proposition potential employers.  When their advances are denied, they have alleged sexual harassment.  Not saying that is happening with this fourth woman, but it is a well documented common occurrence.
  4. The stories being told about these allegations are weird, and don’t pass most people’s smell tests.
  5. Cain is innocent until proven otherwise.
I’ve made it clear to my audience that I don’t pretend to know the truth of what happened, but there is clearly something very wrong with the accusers’ stories.  Especially the fact that many of them seem to have appeared out of thin air with literally no evidence to back them up.
One of Cain’s accusers currently works for the Obama administration.
Karen Kraushaar currently serves as a communications director at the Inspector General’s Office of the Treasury Department, a position she has held since last year.
Does that mean she’s lying?  No.  Is it relevant?  Absolutely.

POLITICO: We Are Totally Telling The Truth About Herman Cain, We Have Proof. We Won’t Show It To You, But It’s True. Pinky Swear.

This attack by Politico is flat out ridiculous.  Politico is asking you to believe a story they cooked up while offering no evidence whatsoever.  In fact, they flat out refuse to address what Cain allegedly did.

Buried in the original 4 page article is this:

There were also descriptions of physical gestures that were not overtly sexual but that made women who experienced or witnessed them uncomfortable

Uh, why would you include that in the article?

Let me give you a rundown on the Politico article.

  • We have identified two women who accused Cain of inappropriate behavior (women are not identified)
  • We have confirmed with several witnesses that this happened (no witnesses identified)
  • We’ve seen documentation that confirms everything we say is true (no documentation is shown or cited directly)
  • We discovered Cain told a staffer these allegations may come up, but that he won his case and the women had to pay his legal fees (staffer not identified)
  • We also discovered that other high ranking officials said Cain treated men and women equally, with respect, and that they’ve never heard of such allegations.   Ron Magruder, Denise Marie Fugo and Joseph Fassler, (the chairman, vice chairwoman and immediate past chairman), along with Lee Ellen Hayes, and Mary Ann Cricchio all went on record to say that Cain had no issue with women, and that they’ve never heard of these allegations before.  All of that was buried on page 4 of the article.
So, we have Politico making accusations against Cain that they didn’t back up with one single shred of evidence, the only people who went on record were people defending Cain, Politico buried that information on page 4 of the article, and then refused to specifically address what allegations were made against Cain to begin with when they were pressed to.

Cain was right, there always was going to be “high-tech lynching” of his character.


Herman Cain has finally addressed the charges against him, and shocker … he says they are false.

There’s a reason Politico wouldn’t specifically address the accusations against him, and wouldn’t identify the women involved.


Herman Cain telling Ron Paul hecklers to shut up and be respectful.  Let’s just superimpose that respectful part onto Politico staff, shall we?