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Watch This: Firefighters vs Riot Police

Ever wonder what would happen if firefighters rioted, and were confronted by riot police?  ME TOO!  This is what happens when the rioters have more powerful riot hoses.


Renton Police Drop Cyberstalking Investigation of Cartoon Creator, Pursue Harassment Claim Instead

Quantity Over Quality Degrading Police Relations With Public

As has been proven with education, the hiring of more and more police officers is not always beneficial.

It’s natural to assume more teachers equals better education.  That logic also dictates that more cops equals safer streets. Unfortunately, both instances seem to be wrong.

It all goes back to a very simple dilemma … quantity vs quality?

Several studies have shown that a policy that focuses on more teachers, as opposed to higher quality teachers, leads to a decline in quality of education.  The premise is simple … to get more teachers, you must dig deeper into the population to hire them.  Eventually, you run out of quality candidates.  As a result, you have lower quality teachers teaching your children.

Though a study has never been done, I’d assume the same premise would apply to law enforcement.  I don’t know that there is a better explanation for the rapid increase in police abuse over the past decade.

With municipalities constantly asking for (and receiving) funds for more police officers, they were bound to start recruiting the lowest common denominator.

Click to read more to see a video of a police officer who recently threatened to beat a woman, threatening to beat her companion, and threaten to “execute” a man … all several times during the same stop.

Please note … graphic language throughout.

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Dear God! SWAT Team Honored For Raiding Wrong House, Shooting At Innocent Home Owner

Not long ago, I conducted a poll on this site about whether police officers should face murder charges in this exact scenario.  Over 70% of you currently think they should.

I also did a podcast that addressed that police officers who illegally enter your home should be met with force.

Thank God no one was hurt.  The home owner was just defending his family from armed, aggressive home invaders.  This makes me wonder if the police identified themselves.  My guess is the owner would not have fired if they had.  There’s a music video becoming very popular right now about these ‘no knock’ raids.

The most relevant part of the video is when the Chief says the situation could have been much worse if it were not for the ‘professionalism’ of this team.  Proper investigation and identification would have been the professionalism citizens would expect.  Then this whole thing could have been avoided.  I don’t think I’d call it professional to not identify yourself as law enforcement, and fire multiple rounds (while missing the target) professional.  This time, at least, the lack of professionalism saved this family’s lives.


Las Vegas Police Arrest People For Not Showing Up For Jury Duty

A buddy of mine was put in handcuffs at his home this week by a Metro officer and a Marshall.

He’d just gotten home from work and changed when the officers showed up.  When he answered the door they told him to turn around, and began the process of taking him into custody.  The charge … failure to appear for jury duty the day before.

My friend explained that he had jury duty the next morning, not the day before.

As it turns out, my friend had marked the wrong day down, and did miss jury duty.  The only reason he wasn’t arrested (though he was handcuffed, and his rights had been read) was because he was so nice about the whole thing.  The officers allowed him to clear it up over the phone while they were there.  He later learned that the judge signed the bench warrant when he was one minute late.

While my friend was inadvertently wrong, was it really necessary to send two officers to his house and arrest him?  Don’t they have more important things to do than track down jury duty ditchers?  This is, after all, a police force that will not send an officer out to investigate a stolen, or broken into, car.