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Show Prep: Monday, February 13

Whitney Houston dead


Obama wants payroll tax extension … again


Romney wins Maine


Fraud alleged in Maine


Obama’s ‘compromise’ on birth control mandate is no compromise at all


Woman not allowed to fly because she is a woman


Sandusky upset neighbors have turned on him


Sandusky’s wife tries to run over reporter


Lawmakers want to ban caffeine inhaler because if you’re awake, you may figure out what they are doing


Indiana State Police report fake cops pulling people over


Search continues for evidence Josh Powell may have dumped


Incestuous image found on Josh Powell’s computer




Daily Show Prep: Friday, January 27

Florida debate highlights (videos split into parts)


Student suspended for taking photo of sleeping teacher


Bar exemption sought in Indiana smoking ban


Biden makes fun of Indian people again


Obama wants to raise dropout age to 18


Pat Sajak admits to being drunk while hosting Wheel of Fortune


Indiana’s very own Solyndra


Obama says spat with AZ governor ‘no big deal.’

Brewer disagrees

Here’s a copy of the letter she handed Obama that sparked the confrontation



Michigan proposal to raise gas taxes, and car registration fees


ACLU says teaching creationism is unconstitutional


Remember in 2011 when the theory of evolution (as taught in schools) was turned upside down?


Rich Santorum asked at the debate how Mitt Romney would debate Obama because Romney supports the individual mandate.  Turns out in 1994, so did Santorum.



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Watch It: Obama’s State Of The Union – 2010 vs 2011 vs 2012

The same rhetoric every year with no progress.  Proof he has failed to implement his platform Democrats?

Watch This: Obama Tells Congresswoman To Not Get Lipstick On Him At SOTU

MNC TV: Now Obama Thinks Deregulation Is A Good Thing?