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Watch This: Michigan Senate Candidate’s Campaign Ad Racist?


UPDATE: The Hoekstra campaign called the advertisement “satirical” and explained the broken English in the video as a reflection of China’s increasingly competitive education system.

“You have a Chinese girl speaking English — I want to hit on the education system, essentially. The fact that a Chinese girl is speaking English is a testament to how they can compete with us, when an American boy of the same age speaking Mandarin is absolutely insane, or unthinkable right now,” Hoekstra spokesperson Paul Ciaramitaro told POLITICO. “It exhibits another way in which China is competing with us globally.”

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Daily Show Prep: Friday, January 27

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Brewer disagrees

Here’s a copy of the letter she handed Obama that sparked the confrontation



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ACLU says teaching creationism is unconstitutional


Remember in 2011 when the theory of evolution (as taught in schools) was turned upside down?


Rich Santorum asked at the debate how Mitt Romney would debate Obama because Romney supports the individual mandate.  Turns out in 1994, so did Santorum.



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SEIU Steals $6 Million From Disabled A Year

That’s in Michigan alone!

I recently pointed out that I can’t think of anything more un-American than forcing people to join a union, and pay dues, against their will.  While this classifies as much the same thing … it is clearly worse … much worse.


If you’re a parent who accepts Medicaid payments from the State of Michigan to help support your mentally-disabled adult children, you qualify as a state employee for the purposes of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). They can now claim and receive a portion of your Medicaid in the form of union dues.

The state government provides the family with insurance through Medicaid, but also treats them as caregivers. For the SEIU, this makes them public employees and thus members of the union, which receives $30 out of the family’s monthly Medicaid subsidy. The Michigan Quality Community Care Council (MQC3) deducts union dues on behalf of SEIU.

Michigan Department of Community Health Director Olga Dazzo explained the process in to her members of her staff. “MQC3 basically runs the program for SEIU and passes the union dues from the state to the union,” she wrote in an email obtained by the Mackinac Center.

Initiated in 2006 under then-Gov. Jennifer Granholm, D-Mich., the plan reportedly provides the SEIU with $6 million annually in union dues deducted from those Medicaid subsidies.

That’s about as low as you can get.  Stealing $6 million from the disabled a year, in Michigan alone.  Where’s the OWS movement on this example of predatory behavior?  Oh, too busy selling out, and getting their marching orders from the SEIU themselves.

MNC TV: More Ignorance Towards Pitbulls In Michigan

Racist Court Rules Against Equal Eligibility For College, Government Jobs

Question: What do you get when you offer a scholarship or job to someone because they are black?

Answer: Equality.

Question: What do you get when you offer a scholarship or job to someone because they are white?

Answer: Racism

Question: What do you get when you offer a scholarship or job to someone based on their ability.

Answer: Racism.


Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said today he will appeal a court ruling that overturned the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, which bans the use of race and gender preferences in college admissions and government hiring and contracting.

In other words, Michigan got it right.  And they did it with the consent of the voters too.

Their stance is that it is wrong, and discriminatory, to base college admission and jobs on the race of the applicant.  The court ruled that it is right to use someone’s race against them.

There are many scholarships for blacks and other minorities only.  However, when there is a whites only scholarship, the world nearly erupts in rage.

In 2004, a whites only scholarship drew cries of racism, it happened again in 2006, and in 2011.

Affirmative action scholarships are defended as a form of diversity.  If that’s so, then I demand we have an equal number of collegiate scholarships for athletes of all races.

Common sense dictates you should get the scholarship or job based on merit alone.  I’m only pointing out the pinheaded hypocrisy of the racist left.

There is a group that passes out white men only scholarships, and it’s a black man who gives them out.