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Las Vegas Police Arrest People For Not Showing Up For Jury Duty

A buddy of mine was put in handcuffs at his home this week by a Metro officer and a Marshall.

He’d just gotten home from work and changed when the officers showed up.  When he answered the door they told him to turn around, and began the process of taking him into custody.  The charge … failure to appear for jury duty the day before.

My friend explained that he had jury duty the next morning, not the day before.

As it turns out, my friend had marked the wrong day down, and did miss jury duty.  The only reason he wasn’t arrested (though he was handcuffed, and his rights had been read) was because he was so nice about the whole thing.  The officers allowed him to clear it up over the phone while they were there.  He later learned that the judge signed the bench warrant when he was one minute late.

While my friend was inadvertently wrong, was it really necessary to send two officers to his house and arrest him?  Don’t they have more important things to do than track down jury duty ditchers?  This is, after all, a police force that will not send an officer out to investigate a stolen, or broken into, car.