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Quantity Over Quality Degrading Police Relations With Public

As has been proven with education, the hiring of more and more police officers is not always beneficial.

It’s natural to assume more teachers equals better education.  That logic also dictates that more cops equals safer streets. Unfortunately, both instances seem to be wrong.

It all goes back to a very simple dilemma … quantity vs quality?

Several studies have shown that a policy that focuses on more teachers, as opposed to higher quality teachers, leads to a decline in quality of education.  The premise is simple … to get more teachers, you must dig deeper into the population to hire them.  Eventually, you run out of quality candidates.  As a result, you have lower quality teachers teaching your children.

Though a study has never been done, I’d assume the same premise would apply to law enforcement.  I don’t know that there is a better explanation for the rapid increase in police abuse over the past decade.

With municipalities constantly asking for (and receiving) funds for more police officers, they were bound to start recruiting the lowest common denominator.

Click to read more to see a video of a police officer who recently threatened to beat a woman, threatening to beat her companion, and threaten to “execute” a man … all several times during the same stop.

Please note … graphic language throughout.

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Dear God! SWAT Team Honored For Raiding Wrong House, Shooting At Innocent Home Owner

Not long ago, I conducted a poll on this site about whether police officers should face murder charges in this exact scenario.  Over 70% of you currently think they should.

I also did a podcast that addressed that police officers who illegally enter your home should be met with force.

Thank God no one was hurt.  The home owner was just defending his family from armed, aggressive home invaders.  This makes me wonder if the police identified themselves.  My guess is the owner would not have fired if they had.  There’s a music video becoming very popular right now about these ‘no knock’ raids.

The most relevant part of the video is when the Chief says the situation could have been much worse if it were not for the ‘professionalism’ of this team.  Proper investigation and identification would have been the professionalism citizens would expect.  Then this whole thing could have been avoided.  I don’t think I’d call it professional to not identify yourself as law enforcement, and fire multiple rounds (while missing the target) professional.  This time, at least, the lack of professionalism saved this family’s lives.


Man Given Ticket For Flipping Off Other Driver

Remember the guy who flipped off police officers, and was awarded some money after they issued him a ticket for doing so?

With that story all over the national news media, why on Earth would an officer ticket somebody who flipped off another driver?


“He asked me if I knew why he had stopped me,” Pogue said. “I said I didn’t. He said, ‘Really?’ I said, ‘Really.’ He said, ‘Think back to that intersection back there.'”

So Pogue was given a ticket for flipping off the car that had blocked the intersection.

The law doesn’t exist on the books.  The officer used another law that says:

nor shall any person extend any part of his body outside the vehicle except the hand and arm for signaling purposes only.

Yeah, like they enforce that one.  I’m sure everyone with a convertible gets tickets on a regular basis.  What about people who hang their elbows and feet outside the window?Though, the latter should be a ticketed offense in my opinion.

The courts have already ruled you have the right to flip someone off.  Expect a lawsuit.


More Police & Government Abuse: Reporters Arrested For Documenting A Public Meeting


Jim Epstein discusses his arrest at DC Taxicab Commission meeting.

I have been facing similar abuse from government authorities lately (except I haven’t been arrested yet).  In my case it’s the department of unemployment here in Nevada.  I recently caught their employees lying to me, tried to rectify the problem to no avail, and finally posted the audio recordings (I had permission to record) online.  That finally got their attention, and I removed the post as a part of the deal to give me the money I was owed. Now they refuse to speak to me unless I’m not recording, and started a personal crusade against me.

More and more police officers are allowing themselves to be used as pawns by abusive government to suppress the people.  And some don’t think the Oath Keepers are a necessary organization.

The man filming the journalist’s arrest works for Reason, and he was also subsequently arrested.

For the record, neither man broke the law.  Both were fully within their rights to record per D.C. Code § 23-542.  The Taxi Cab Authority and the police officers are guilty of breaking the law themselves.

This is becoming all to common.


Video: Police Assault Man In Wheelchair, Claim He Fell


Here’s the statement from the police on this incident:

On Thursday, May 19, the Metro Transit Police on routine patrol at the U St. Metrorail station observed a patron in a wheelchair drinking an alcoholic beverage. The officers asked the patron to leave the area and he refused. The officers then attempted to issue the patron a citation and when the patron refused to comply with the issuance of a citation he was told that he would be placed under arrest. The patron resisted arrest which resulted in him falling out of his wheelchair. The patron was arrested for assault on a police officer and drinking in public.

The patron was transported to a local hospital with a minor injury.

Metro Transit Police are following up on this report.

Steven Taubenkibel
Public Information Officer
WMATA-Office of Media Relations
P: 202 962 2474

Clearly the police are lying, at least about his ‘falling.’  The man is in a wheelchair and posed no credible threat to officers.  There was no reason to pull him out of the chair violently, and throw him face first into the ground.  And they are charging HIM with assault?