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Las Vegas Police Arrest People For Not Showing Up For Jury Duty

A buddy of mine was put in handcuffs at his home this week by a Metro officer and a Marshall.

He’d just gotten home from work and changed when the officers showed up.  When he answered the door they told him to turn around, and began the process of taking him into custody.  The charge … failure to appear for jury duty the day before.

My friend explained that he had jury duty the next morning, not the day before.

As it turns out, my friend had marked the wrong day down, and did miss jury duty.  The only reason he wasn’t arrested (though he was handcuffed, and his rights had been read) was because he was so nice about the whole thing.  The officers allowed him to clear it up over the phone while they were there.  He later learned that the judge signed the bench warrant when he was one minute late.

While my friend was inadvertently wrong, was it really necessary to send two officers to his house and arrest him?  Don’t they have more important things to do than track down jury duty ditchers?  This is, after all, a police force that will not send an officer out to investigate a stolen, or broken into, car.



The Burning Truth Podcast: Illegal Entry By Police Should Be Met With Force, Or We Have Already Lost

Limp Wristing An Issue: “The act of supporting one side of an argument while simultaneously supporting the other side to prevent causing offense.”

Example: You oppose a ruling by the courts that police may illegally enter your home, and you have no right to resist, while also saying you should not resist.

Either you support police illegally entering people’s homes, and violating their rights, or you don’t. There is no comfortable middle ground.

In this episode, Casey discusses the recent ruling that police can illegally enter your home, and you have no right to resist. He also addresses the small-minded weakness of some of the arguments that favor this ruling.



The Burning Truth: Former Program Director Sealed His Own Fate

A couple of people (only a couple) have taken it upon themselves to criticize Casey’s response to former KXNT Program Director Bob Agnew’s firing this week. It’s obvious they are coming from a position of ignorance in their defense of the indefensible. In his own words, Casey addresses some of the unprofessional conduct he and Heather were forced to endure, and why they aren’t the ones who had to worry about karma rearing its ugly head.

Listen or download after the jump.

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KXNT Program Director, Bob Agnew, Fired. Time To Air Some Dirty Laundry.

KXNT Program Director, Bob Agnew, was fired by CBS today at around 5pm.

Few of you know what really happened when Heather and I were fired by KXNT General Manager Dave McDonald, and Program Director Bob Agnew.  When we were hired at KDOX we hinted at some of it, but some listeners wrongfully assumed we were insulting other Las Vegas hosts.  This was NOT the case.  I assure you, I have no issue with Heidi, Alan or any other radio host in Las Vegas.  I had heard through the grapevine that my former close friend, Heidi Harris, had a problem with me.  A rumor I now believe to be baseless, and untrue.  Nonetheless, it caused me to ignore/avoid her at a couple of events.  I owe her an apology for that, and hope to deliver it in person one day.

Many of you have heard me say over the past year that I only want one person to fail in this industry.  That person is Bob Agnew, and here’s why.

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Shock: Federal Investigation Into Nevada HOAs Uncovers Nearly 100 Co-Conspirators Including Judges, Attorneys, & Police

The federal task force (unique to Nevada) sent to investigate NV HOA fraud and abuse had a major finding over the weekend.

The RJ reported that the task force uncovered nearly 100 co-conspirators.  Among them are attorneys, judges, and police officers.  Around 30 of them have already taken plea deals.

This massive HOA fraud scheme was designed to rig HOA board elections to install conspirators into power.

The feds took over the investigation when it was discovered that the U.S. attorney’s office in Las Vegas was stalling the investigation.  Yeah, no corruption here.

You can listen to my podcast on the issue here.

Source: RJ