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Jay Z: People With Integrity Don’t Mind Paying Higher Taxes


Thanks for letting us know you don’t know anything about the budget, and how tax dollars are spent.  To find the “clearly defined” way the money is being allocated … just go here Jay Z.

So, do these people fit your definition of having a ‘conscience, integrity, and moral fiber?’

It’s not that people with integrity don’t mind paying higher taxes, it’s that people with integrity will voluntarily pay higher taxes if they are asking others to do so.


#OWS Continues To Be Fooled By Rich Guys

This really has become laughable.

Not only are #OWS rioters hypocrites by participating in the consumerism the movement claims to loathe so much, but their biggest supporters are literally fooling them into spending more money.

It’s bad enough that Russell Simmons is a predatory banker himself, with huge fees for using his bank card, but now Jay Z is selling (not giving) #OWS shirts.

For years my show has discussed the lack of conviction by the bleeding-heart crowd.  They don’t really devote themselves to their cause.  It’s all about appearing to care about something bigger than they are in order to alleviate their own guilt.  The very nature of the movement is very selfish on a personal level.  There’s nothing wrong with being selfish … unless you’re claiming to fight against selfishness, that is.