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Daily Show Prep: Monday, January, 30

NBC wants Romney to stop using their material to attack Newt


Herman Cain endorses Newt


Romney leads Florida primary polls


Indiana human trafficking bill passes


The Super Bowl festivities come to Indianapolis


Man sues because ex-girlfriends slandered him online, Gloria Allred still hates men


Domestic violence advocates not happy about new legislation allowing you to resist police from entering home


Obama still mad about his judicial appointments


Photos for Soldiers


Your chance to buy Super Bowl tickets, and help a great cause


Indiana welfare drug testing proposal


Obama singing increases song sales




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Daily Show Prep: Friday, January 27

Florida debate highlights (videos split into parts)


Student suspended for taking photo of sleeping teacher


Bar exemption sought in Indiana smoking ban


Biden makes fun of Indian people again


Obama wants to raise dropout age to 18


Pat Sajak admits to being drunk while hosting Wheel of Fortune


Indiana’s very own Solyndra


Obama says spat with AZ governor ‘no big deal.’

Brewer disagrees

Here’s a copy of the letter she handed Obama that sparked the confrontation



Michigan proposal to raise gas taxes, and car registration fees


ACLU says teaching creationism is unconstitutional


Remember in 2011 when the theory of evolution (as taught in schools) was turned upside down?


Rich Santorum asked at the debate how Mitt Romney would debate Obama because Romney supports the individual mandate.  Turns out in 1994, so did Santorum.



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Daily Show Prep: Thursday, January 26

Indiana right to work passes House


New info on the Navy SEAL raid


Obama and AZ Gov. Brewer got into an argument


Morgellons disease may be in your head


Judge orders defendant to decrypt laptop


Pelosi says Newt won’t win because she “knows something”


Newt gets heckled


Gabby Giffords is done in Congress


Watch This: GOP Hits Indiana Dem Candidate Hard

Brendan Mullen is running for congress here in Indiana’s 2nd District.

He’s been criticized by Republicans and his former Democratic (now Green Party) primary opponent for not being a current resident of Indiana.  He’s alleged to have moved back here just to run for office, though he does have ties here.

Mullen also got caught claiming more than one homestead exemption on his wife’s condo, and his Washington DC property.

His critics have also raised issue with the fact that 75% of his donors come from out of the district he’s running in … 58% out of the state.  I don’t really have an issue with out of state money in elections.  It’s fairly common.

The big issue is that Mullen registered to vote with a relative’s address, not his.  Presumably because he didn’t, or doesn’t, have one.

The NRCC has released their first ad in 2012, and it takes Mullen to task for being an outsider.

(Full Disclosure: Should Mullen win the Democratic nomination, he will likely face Republican Jackie Walorski.  Jackie is a regular contributor on Michiana’s Morning News.  Equal time rules are, and will be, observed as the election approaches.)

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Daily Show Prep: Wednesday, January 25

Obama’s State of the Union


Governor Mitch Daniels’ official GOP response


Final Marine on trial in Haditha incident


South Bend makes list of WORST college towns


Parents come out to support Coach Snyder at school board meeting


Indiana schools get C+ rating


Obama tells congresswoman to not get lipstick on him (video)


BREAKING NEWS: US military rescues American hostages


Guess who benefits from Obama denying Keystone Pipeline … Warren Buffett


Sherman Minton bridge repairs half done


K-12 spending increase, IN automatic taxpayer refund tweaking