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High School Apologizes For Incest Prank

No words.  Just messed up.

Rosemount High School Kiss Prank Leads to Apology

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Another Valedictorian Has Speech Censored Due To Religious Content

In 2006, the Brittany McComb story was huge here in Vegas.  I could not get away from talking about it on my radio show, and it generated venomous response from both sides of the issue.  Brittany was told her speech referenced God and Christ too much, and was told to change it.  She did in order to get the speech approved before graduation, but in giving the speech she spoke the words she originally intended to say.  She did not proselytize by any means, but did give credit to her faith for helping get her through rough times.  Foothills High School staff literally pulled the plug in the middle of her speech, and drew contempt from the students and family in attendance.

Some said she should be allowed to give any speech she wants free from profanity. Others said her referencing religion was tantamount to the school endorsing Christianity.

Now it’s happening again in Vermont.

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California High School: Wearing White T-Shirt Means You’re A Racist

No, no I’m not kidding.  I swear to God, this is not a joke.  Everything white, even the color itself, is now regarded as racist.

All together now … THAT’S RACIST!!