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The Daily Awesome: Hackers vs Terrorist Scum

I love hackers, used to be one of them in my youth (no good at it now).  Most hackers are good, decent people who simply exploit weaknesses in a harmless manner to improve security.  There is, of course, the dark side.

Hackers are also patriots!


A popular jihadist Internet forum has been knocked off the Internet, and counterterrorism experts say it appears it was hacked.

Cybersecurity analysts say the al-Shamukh forum appears to have been taken down by a fairly sophisticated cyberattack that hit not only the website, but the server.

Perhaps it was a government op to take the site down, but I prefer to think otherwise.  Well done in either case.


The Daily Awesome: Kinect Hack That Will Keep Management Away From Your Cubicle

Wow!  I really want this!

Source: Kinect meets a Pufferfish display, produces wonderfully creepy all-seeing eye (video) — Engadget