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Ron Paul Admits He Can’t Win GOP Nomination

I could bust out the ‘I told you so’ mantra, but I’m better than that. @elizcrum: .@charliepolitico reports: Ron Paul: I can’t win GOP nomination: / Ok, who put the reality pill in Paul’s kool-aid? — shared via UberSocial


Daily Show Prep: Wednesday, January 25

Obama’s State of the Union


Governor Mitch Daniels’ official GOP response


Final Marine on trial in Haditha incident


South Bend makes list of WORST college towns


Parents come out to support Coach Snyder at school board meeting


Indiana schools get C+ rating


Obama tells congresswoman to not get lipstick on him (video)


BREAKING NEWS: US military rescues American hostages


Guess who benefits from Obama denying Keystone Pipeline … Warren Buffett


Sherman Minton bridge repairs half done


K-12 spending increase, IN automatic taxpayer refund tweaking


Daily Show Prep: Monday, January 23

Gabrielle Giffords to step down


Joe Paterno passes away


South Carolina results


Cruise passengers offered 30% off next cruise


9 year old girl escapes kidnapper


MegaUploads shut down

If MegaUploads can already be shut down, why do we need SOPA or PIPA?

Indiana Dems may end right to work boycott


South Bend school budget cuts


South Bend school changes coming


Delay for space’s first private cargo run


Obama administration birth control mandate

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Can’t Decide On A GOP Candidate? Listen To How They Answer This Kid’s Question.

Actually, really cool.

This kid asked the GOP candidates what superhero they’d be and why.  The answers are pretty interesting.

Santorum is the only one who seemed to put any thought in it, and Herman Cain handled the question the best.  He even asked the kid who he’d be.  Too bad he isn’t in it anymore.

What’s up with Ron Paul not answering though?

Now Politico is saying it’s good to be…