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Update: Pastor’s Daughter Dies After Accidental Shooting Inside Church

Pastors Daughter Accidentally Shot in the Head in Church Dies

(AP) — Authorities say a Florida pastor’s daughter who was accidentally shot in the head in a church died Saturday at a hospital.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office says 20-year-old Hannah Kelley was pronounced dead at about 10:20 a.m. Saturday at Bayfront Medical Center. An autopsy is pending.

Kelley had been hospitalized since Feb. 12, when she was struck in the head by a bullet at Grace Connection Church in St. Petersburg, where her father Tim Kelley is pastor.

Investigators have said Moises Zambrana was showing his gun in a small closet to another church member interested in buying a firearm. The St. Petersburg Times reports that the other church member, Dustin Bueller, was Hannah Kelley’s fiancee.

Pastors Daughter Accidentally Shot in the Head in Church Dies

Hannah Kelley, 20, was shot in the head on Sunday (Image Credit: Facebook)

Zambrana reportedly removed the magazine from the Ruger 9mm weapon but did not know that a round was still in the chamber. The gun went off, firing a bullet through a wall. Kelley was struck in the head.

The sheriff’s office says detectives are still investigating the shooting. No charges have been filed.

Country Star in Feud With Chris Brown After Criticizing Grammy Praise for Domestic Abuser

Miranda Lambert Slams Chris Brown

One day following the untimely death of popular recording artist Whitney Houston, the February 12 Grammy Awards attracted a total audience of 39.9 million, up nearly 50% from 26.7 million last year and the largest viewership since 1984. Houston’s death likely drew many viewers who have not watched award shows for some time, or really ever, that may have been taken aback when seeing the applauded performances and Grammy win for Chris Brown. A name many have not heard since 2009, when Brown made national news after pleading guilty to felony assault of then girlfriend, fellow artist Rihanna:

Miranda Lambert Slams Chris Brown

The Staples Center cheers and Grammy award given to Brown came with controversy, as many believe a man with Brown’s criminal record should not be celebrated. Brown has previously lashed out at those who have not forgotten the assault, notably breaking a window at ABC’s Midtown Manhattan office  in 2011 after being asked unexpected questions about the incident during a “Good Morning America” interview.

Miranda Lambert Slams Chris Brown

Shockingly, among many tweets condemning acceptance of Brown back into popular culture, several women Tweeted troubling messages during Brown’s performance, indicating that they were still interested in him regardless of his well-known 2009 conviction.

Miranda Lambert Slams Chris Brown

The View’s Sherri Shepherd criticized the Tweets during Tuesday’s broadcast but did not receive an ovation of her own until she defended Brown, arguing that despite his violent behavior he “deserves another chance.” Mediaite reports that Shepherd opined that people were being too hard on the entertainer, saying that he was “reformed,” and going so far as to say he could even be seen as a “role model.”

Other women in the entertainment industry are not brushing off Brown’s prior transgressions so easily.

Country music star Miranda Lambert came out against Brown immediately at the awards ceremony last Sunday, tweeting “I don’t get it. He beat on a girl,” and Entertainment Weekly reports that Lambert took jabs at the convicted felon during her performance at the University of Massachusetts Thursday:

“Lambert produced a poster for audiences reading ‘Take Notes Chris Brown’ just prior to her performance of “Gunpowder and Lead.” The subject of the tune? A woman who decides to kill her abusive husband.

Said Lambert after showing the poster to her fans: ‘Get a good picture now, put it on Twitter … I’ve been in a world of hurt with Chris Brown fans lately … but see, I just have to speak my mind because where I come from, beating up on a woman is never okay.’ She continued: ‘So that’s why my daddy taught me early on in life how to use a shotgun.’”

ABC News reports that Brown responded quickly to Lambert’s criticism, tweeting “HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That’s the ultimate F—OFF!”

ABC News on the growing celebrity feud not on record sales, reality TV drama or artistic competition, but the cheering of a man who may have apologized but still brutally beat a woman:

To make the entire controversy even more unsettling, there are rumors circulating that Chris Brown and Rihanna are getting back together professionally to produce a new single, and were seen together at Rihanna’s birthday party.

Caliphate 2.0? Al Qaeda Operatives Joining Syrian Rebel Force

While Syrian President/Dictator Bashar al-Assad fights for his political and military control over Syria, the supposedly heroic rebels against his repressive regime have made some…questionable friends. The Washington Post reports that James D. Clapper, U.S. Director of National Intelligence, has been noting the presence of Al Qaeda operatives within the Syrian rebel ranks:

Two bombings in Damascus in December, as well as deadly attacks on security and intelligence buildings in Aleppo last week, “had all the earmarks of an al-Qaeda-like attack,” Clapper said, adding that the network’s affiliate in Iraq “is extending its reach into Syria.”

But Clapper suggested that al-Qaeda has so far not sought to call attention to its presence, and that its operatives may have slipped into groups of fighters opposed to the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

How the United States will react to this news is not immediately clear, as enemies of the U.S. exist on both sides of the Syrian conflict. Moreover, several U.S. allies have officially withdrawn recognition from the Syrian President’s regime, while trading partners like Russia and China have been supportive of the regime. The fact that Al Qaeda operatives are apparently operating within the rebellion without the knowledge of the rebels also complicates things.

If Al Qaeda does gain a foothold in Syria, however, it will be well-positioned to forge an alliance with the Iranian government. As this website has reported, Al Qaeda’s main contact in Iran – Yasin al Suri – is himself from Syria. Ayman al Zawahiri, Al Qaeda’s effective leader, also recorded a video message calling on Jihadists in Syria to overturn Bashar Assad’s “secular regime.”

Student Hacks ‘Invaluable’ Info From Facebook, Given Eight Months in Prison

British Student Steals Intellectual Property in Hack of Facebook Sentenced to Eight Months in Prison

Glenn Mangham. (Photo: Nicholas Razzell/The Telegraph)

LONDON (AP) — A British student who stole sensitive information from Facebook‘s internal network was sentenced to eight months in prison Friday in what prosecutors described as the most serious case of social media hacking ever brought before the country’s courts.

Prosecutor Sandip Patel said that Glenn Mangham, 26, had hacked into the social networking giant’s computers from his bedroom in the northern England city of York and stole what was described as “invaluable” intellectual property.

“He acted with determination, undoubted ingenuity and it was sophisticated, it was calculating,” Patel told London’s Southwark Crown Court ahead of sentencing Friday. He added later: “This represents the most extensive and grave incident of social media hacking to be brought before the British courts.”

London Chief Prosecutor Alison Saunders echoed Patel’s description, saying in a statement that Mangham’s actions were “extensive and flagrant.” It was not immediately clear exactly what he stole, although Saunders said that no personal user data had been compromised.

Scotland Yard said in a statement that the breach had occurred “over a short period of time” in April of last year. The court was told that Mangham had obtained the information after hacking into the account of a Facebook employee while the staff member was on vacation.

The police statement said that Facebook Inc. discovered the breach in May and alerted the FBI, who traced the source of the attack back to Britain. Scotland Yard’s e-crimes unit raided Mangham’s home on June 2.

The software development student pleaded guilty on Dec. 13. His lawyer, Tony Ventham, described Mangham as an “ethical hacker” who saw the stunt as a challenge – and stressed that his client had never tried to sell the stolen data or pass it on to anyone else.

“This is someone who in previous times would have thrown everything aside to seek the source of the Nile,” Ventham said. “He was in his own world, his own bedroom, his own mind, his own project and certainly his intention throughout was to contact Facebook in due course when he had rectified their problems.”

But while Judge Alistair McCreath accepted that Mangham had not tried to profit from his crime, he said that the defendant’s actions still had “very serious potential consequences” which could have been “utterly disastrous” for Facebook.

“This was not just a bit of harmless experimentation,” McCreath told Mangham. “You accessed the very heart of the system of an international business of massive size, so this was not just fiddling about in the business records of some tiny business of no great importance.”

The Palo Alto, California-based Facebook said in a statement that it applauded police and prosecutors’ efforts in the case, adding: “We take any attempt to gain unauthorized access to our network very seriously.”

The company, which boasts some 845 million users worldwide, recently filed papers for its initial public offering at the beginning of this month, putting it on track to price its stock in May or June.

Facebook is expected to be valued at $75 billion to $100 billion.

High School Students ‘Humiliated’ as Profile Pictures Appear on Child Porn Site

Teens Fully Clothes Facebook Profile Pictures Posted on Child Porn Site

At least 17 girls at this school alone had their profile pictures posted on the porn site.

CHARLTON, Mass. (The Blaze/AP) – At least 17 Massachusetts teenage girls are humiliated after their full-clothed Facebook profile pictures were stolen and appeared on a child porn site.

The FBI and Massachusetts police are now trying to figure out who “hijacked” Facebook photos of teenage girls from more than a dozen high schools in the state. Authorities on Thursday described the site as an anonymous bulletin board with links to pornographic content and photos of students from all 50 states.

The Massachusetts link displayed pictures of 17 teenage girls from Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School in Charlton and others from schools around the state, officials said.

Watch the AP news report:

The photos of the fully-clothed girls contained information that could be used to identify the teens, including town and school signs, Charlton Police Chief James Pervier said.

The site is hosted in Ohio but its servers are in eastern Europe — outside local and federal authority, Charlton Police Lt. Carl Ekman said.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Richard DesLauriers said the agency was reviewing the matter to determine whether any laws were violated, including privacy and anti-pornography laws.

Boston FBI spokesman Greg Comcowich said the site was running Thursday. He would not discuss any agency actions taken in its review.

As she waited in her car at Charlton for her sophomore daughter, Tracy Nicholas Cruz, 40, said she has heard from many of the girls whose pictures appeared on the site.

“…they were humiliated,” she said. “They didn’t know how their pictures got exploited. These are good girls.”

As a mother, she said, “It’s just scary to think that your child could just have this site to communicate with other students and her friends and everything, and then something as bad as this other site comes out and takes their pictures? That’s horrible.”

Seventeen-year-old Autumn Walczak said she deleted her Facebook profile “because I did not want to be part of, like, anything that would happen to me and stuff.”

Bay Path’s Superintendent-Director David Papagni said some students and parents alerted school officials in January that someone had secretly copied the Facebook photos of students and posted them on the site.

“It’s an awful thing,” Papagni said.

How can you prevent this from being done? Up your Facebook security to the maximum level. The local CBS affiliate reports Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early as saying “Three things in life used to be permanent: life, death, and taxes. Now it’s life, death, taxes, and any image that you put on the internet.”