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Wait, What?! – White Supremacist Joins Forces With Black Gang Member To Sell Meth



(The Smoking Gun) – In another instance of harmony in post-racial America, a white Aryan Nations member joined forces with a black gang member to distribute methamphetamine in Missouri, according to federal investigators.

The partnership between white supremacist Richard Treis, 38, and Robert “Biz” Swinney, 22, was torn asunder by an undercover Drug Enforcement Administration probe that resulted in this month’s indictment of Treis, Swinney, and five codefendants on a variety of drug distribution and conspiracy charges.

According to investigators, Swinney allegedly marshaled a network of friends, relatives, and fellow gang members in St. Louis to purchase decongestants containing pseudoephedrine from various stores.

Swinney then allegedly sold the pseudoephedrine to Treis, who cooked it down into meth.

The odd couple is pictured in the above mug shots.

If convicted of the various felony charges, each man faces decades in prison (where they would be unlikely to share a cell).

Treis’s rap sheet includes a November 2004 federal conviction for pseudoephedrine possession (he was spotted buying large quantities of the drug at Target and Walmart). Sentenced to 63 months in prison, Treis was released from Bureau of Prisons custody last June. He was on probation from that narcotics conviction when busted in the current case.


‘Prostitute’ Loses ARM AND LEG After Trapped Inside Home With PIT BULL



(Daily Mail) – A woman who was a ‘known prostitute’ has lost her arm and leg in a pit bull attack after a man squatting in a home left empty by a narcotics raid left her there.

Lost: Robin Johnson lost her left arm and left leg in a pit bull attack

Ian Summers, 30, brought Robin Johnson, age unknown, to the abandoned Orange County, Florida house. When she entered, the house’s pit bull, Feisty, began to attack her, police reports show.

Summers told investigators that he was ‘scared to death’ of the dog, who was now biting Johnson’s arm and legs, so he reportedly closed the door and left.

According to the arrest report, Johnson was in a coma and had to have her left arm amputated below the elbow, and her left leg below the knee.

Summers originally claimed that he owned the house, but the primary resident later told the Orlando Sentinel that he had left after a narcotics raid last November.

Summers also said that he was the one who ran to a nearby fire station to get help, but witnesses told police that it was in fact another man who rushed to alert authorities about Johnson’s attack.

He allegedly told investigators that when Johnson entered the house, Feisty began attacking her, biting her arms and legs.

He said he ‘did not want to be anywhere near that dog’ and told investigators that he ‘left and closed the door,’ the paper said.

The Sentinel reported that Summers took Johnson to the house intending to engage in sexual acts. 

Johnson, who was interviewed at the hospital following the pit bull attack, said she had gone with Summers to the house to smoke crack cocaine.

According to reports, Feisty has a violent past, and was linked to at least three attacks, one in which a two-year-old boy lost a ‘large portion’ of skin under his arm.

Another injured a 47-year-old man at a budget hotel in 2010, the Sentinel reports.

Summers faces the second-degree felony charge of burglary of an occupied dwelling, as well as culpable negligence, which is a misdemeanour.

He remains in custody at the Orange County jail.

Woman Molested On Flight TWICE After Crew Refuses To Move Her After First Attack



(Daily Mail) – A woman on a long haul flight to New York was molested twice after she was told by the crew she could not change seats following the first attack.

Cause for alarm: A woman flying from Argentina to New York says she was molested twice after her first complaint of a man seated beside her was ignored by attendants leading to a second attack by him

The victim, who has not been identified, said she had fallen asleep and woke up to find a man groping her breast.

She complained to the cabin crew but nothing was done, according to court papers.

When she nodded off again she awoke to find the same man with his hand on her thigh and told him to get off.

She called the police upon landing at JFK airport in New York and an arrest complaint against the man has now been filed.

The incident happened on an American Airlines flight from Argentina to New York but no other details have been released.

It is however the latest in a string of alleged sex attacks that have taken place on planes.

Last March passenger Iurii Chumak, 53, was accused of putting his hand up a flight attendant’s skirt and groping her.

The 53-year-old was arrested after landing in New York from London on the British Airways service.

Teacher Katherine Goldberg was spared jail despite downing ‘a pint of whiskey’ and grabbing a flight attendant’s groin before demanding he have sex with her.

The 25-year-old, from London, had been on a flight from Johannesburg to London at the time.

Other passengers have allegedly done similar things before they even got off the ground, including Yukari Miyamae, 61, from Colorado.

She was accused of grabbing an airport security officer’s breast whilst at Phoenix International Airport in Arizona after becoming exasperated by the pat down she was getting.

Her retaliation caused her to be arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse.

In a statement, American Airlines said: ‘We will definitely be looking into this as a company, and we will work in conjunction with law enforcement as appropriate for any criminal matter.

‘Beyond that, we do not have any additional information. We can’t comment as it’s an ongoing criminal investigation.’

Girl Scout Troop Leader Fired Due To Link With Provocative Website Featuring Scantily Clad Women



(Daily Mail) – A mother-of-two has claimed she was fired from her role as a Girl Scout troop leader for her connection to a ‘satanic’ website.

Stacy Hintz, 28, led the West Bend troop in Wisconsin Southeast for four years. But she has been forced out after staff found her husband's website.

Stacy Hintz, 28, led the West Bend troop in Wisconsin Southeast for four years and claims to have an impeccable record in the role.

Yet her husband runs, which features scantily-clad women in provocative poses and discusses porn stores and serial killers.

The subjects – which also include ghosts and heavy metal music – are at odds with the Girl Scout message and teachings, its leaders claim.

On the website, Hintz’s husband Charlie wrote that Stacy’s co-leader at the troop found the site and asked her to resign.

When she refused, she received an email from Mary Black, the Chief Program Officer of Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast.

It said: ‘Following an internal review, we are reaffirming the notice of February 9, 2012 removing you from all of your volunteer positions with Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast.

‘This action is being taken due to violations of policy, including your endorsement, while in a Girl Scout capacity, of a website service that does not live up to the Girl Scout standards and principles.’

The mother-of-two posted 14 videos to YouTube to complain about the treatment. In the clips, she explained how her co-leader eventually stepped down and how five children were pulled from the troop.

Her husband Charlie ranted about the dismissal on the website.He wrote: ‘[The co-leader] claims that, as a big a part of her life as Wisconsin Sickness is, it must ripple into all other parts of life, though she could not name anything in particular besides being late to two meetings… Poor punctuality is not the work of the devil.’

He continued that they are ‘good people leading good lives, teaching our children to be strong, compassionate and well-mannered individuals.

‘My family is ridiculously poor, yet we continuously strive to help others, living our lives selflessly in pursuit of some greater good.’

Hintz was reportedly well liked by parents and staff, even being chosen to represent the group at a 100-year anniversary convention held in Austin, Texas.

But on one of the videos, she says the mothers are now ‘in fear’ of her spending time with their children ‘all of a sudden’.

Hintz told Wisconsin’s Afternoon News that the website should not be the reason for her being forced from the job.

‘The only thing that in my personal opinion, I feel should be looked at in this situation, and that should be my performance within Girl Scouts.  And it has been completely spotless,’ she said.

‘I have never once exposed the girls to anything even remotely close to having to do with this other realm of my life.’

But Tracy Wayson, spokesperson for Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast said that Hintz’s achievements on the job was not important.

She said: ‘We didn’t look into her performance at all…That was not the focus of our fact finding mission.’

Wayson said Hintz was removed from her position as she included links to Wisconsin Sickness in emails about official Girl Scouts business.

‘What we really need to step in on is when those personal activities seep into their role as a Girl Scout volunteer, and in this case, that’s what happened,’ she said.

Man Wins LOTTERY Weeks After Losing His Wife



(Huffington Post) – A struggling single father in Kamloops, B.C., has gone from tragedy to triumph with a $500,000 lottery win.

Lotto 649

Forty-seven-year-old Richard Bankier won the money by matching all four numbers on the Extra in Wednesday’s 6-49 draw.

His wife, Adele, died last Dec. 1 of complications from kidney failure, leaving Bankier the single father of a 10-year-old son with a mortgage to pay.

He calls his win bittersweet because while he can pay off the mortgage and feel financially secure, he can’t share the windfall with his late wife.

Bankier, the safety co-ordinator with a Kamloops distribution company, says he bought the ticket hoping to win some money because gas prices are so high.