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Watch This: AZ State Representative Wants Holiday For White People, Que Cries Of Racism Yadda, Yadda

Buzzfeed thinks this is racist for some reason.  Perhaps they are devoid of a dictionary over there.



Nice touch on the news finding the one idiot who happens to agree with Ash, but can’t defend her own statement due to her own ignorance.  No bias there.

Fact is, predictions have white people becoming a minority in the US before 2050.  Something well known in Arizona.  Is it really unthinkable that when whites are in the minority they should get the same treatment as minorities now?  If so, you’re a racist.

Why is the idea of  ‘white appreciation’ so offensive to many?  Why is it ok to issue scholarships based solely on race, unless you’re white?  Why can blacks wear black pride shirts, and hispanics wear brown pride shirts, but if whites wear white pride shirts they are racist.  The shirt says the same damn thing!

The better question is why is the lack of an ‘appreciation day’ for whites and other minorities so accepted by the supposedly enlightened ‘social justice’ crowd?  How is it acceptable to them that blacks and hispanics have been elevated above other minority groups who’ve been left behind in the ‘social justice’ struggle?  Isn’t that far more offensive, and dare I say, racist than what Rep. Ash said?

Que the idiot that says ‘all American history is white history.’  Yeah, if you’re an insecure ignoramus.  Not if you are really informed, and strive for equality.

The problem is not setting aside time to reflect on the great things minorities have done in our history, of course we should.  The problem is labeling it to exclude others who’ve contributed as well.  We shouldn’t be labeling our country’s greatest figures, and segregating them based on race.  Why can’t racially themed appreciation days (or months) just be … American appreciation days (or months)?  Imagine sorting the accomplishments of these great people based on civics issues rather than race.  When will the United States evolve beyond this latest form of segregation?

If that last idea blows your mind … you are probably a racist yourself.  Or at the very least, you’re unwilling to evaluate your own insecurities.



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Daily Show Prep: Monday, February 6

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Civil War: MNC Employees Fight To The Death In Interoffice Soda War

Ever wonder what 95.3 MNC employees fight about when the mics go dark?

Soda.  We fight over soda.

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You Racists Can’t Call Them “Undocumented” Anymore

Good grief.

The legal code calls them illegal aliens, but weak-minded Americans allowed themselves to be lured into the race-bait trap.  It became racist to call them illegal, or aliens for that matter.  I think the latter offended the little grey guys.

So then it was kosher to call them undocumented immigrant, worker, etc.  Now that too is not PC enough!


The Disenfranchised Residents Formerly Known as Undocumented: It’s not acceptable to call illegal immigrants “illegals”–but it’s no longer OK to use the clanking, formerly PC euphemism “undocumented immigrant” either, according to a GOP umbrage expert quoted in the Washington Post. Leslie Sanchez, “a Republican strategist who worked on the McCain campaign,” finds a sympathetic ear in the Post‘s Nia-Malika Henderson:

… [B]ecause of the ascension of Latino independents and Republicans, candidates have to be very sensitive as to how they talk about this issues.”

“They can’t use the term illegals,” Sanchez said. “At best it’s undocumented immigrant, at worst it’s illegals and illegal aliens, and both are pejorative and condescending.”

Oooh … kaaay?

All along my audience has been using the proper terminology for these ‘border impaired’ ruffians anyway.  All together now … what is an illegal alien/undocumented worker?  A FUGITIVE!

Well done class.


MNC TV: Obama Excludes Middle-Class From Basic Human Rights

If free internet is a basic human right, then why doesn’t the middle-class get it for free too?  Also, if free internet is a basic human right, what if the poor don’t have a device with which to access this basic human right?  Is it now a basic human right to include the means of which to access your basic human right?