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National Education Association Rejects Donation From Former Porn Star, Will Pay Money To Child Predator Though

There are days when you encounter such ignorance, shortsightedness, and hypocrisy that you wonder why you even try.  This is one of those days, but I digress.

The awful, horrible human being known as Sasha Grey (sarcasm) has been making an effort to give back to her community.  She was recently raked over the coals for having the evil agenda of volunteering her time to READ TO CHILDREN!  Gasp!  The audacity of this demon incarnate woman!

Now, in continuing with her satanic, underhanded ways, proceeds from her final film were to be donated to help the National Education Association enrich the lives of children.  Quick!  Bring the holy water and garlic!

Too bad for Sasha, the NEA is onto her soul-burning scheme.

Talk about dirty money. American schools and educational programs might be drowning from lack of funding, but being deep in the red isn’t deterring one group from publicly rejecting money tied to a pornographic film star.

Former adult film star Sasha Grey made education headlines last November when she was a celebrity guest reader at Emerson Elementary School in Compton, Calif.

The company releasing the film wants proceeds from her final film to be donated to the NEA’s Read Across America program in her name.

The NEA’s response:

But in a statement Monday to The Huffington Post, NEA officials said “no, thanks.”

“Sasha Grey is not affiliated with the National Education Association’s Read Across America program nor has she been invited or endorsed by NEA to read at any of the association’s Read Across America Day events, and NEA will not accept any proceeds from her latest, or any of her films,” the statement reads. 

AHA!  Foiled again demon spawn!

The NEA will not deal with evil of the likes of you … except …

Anthony Gentile was the former head of NEA affiliated Florida Education Association.  He was arrested and convicted of child pornography charges.  When the NEA took over the local affiliate, they paid him $140,000 to secure his resignation.

So they’ll pay a child predator, but not take money from a legal industry?

Not enough?  Fine.

July of 2011, the NEA held their national convention in Chicago.  During the convention, they adopted several resolutions for the organization.  Including …

B-12. Diversity. The National Education Association believes that similarities and differences among . . . gender, sexual orientation, gender identification . . . form the fabric of a society. The Association also believes that education should foster the values of appreciation and acceptance of the various qualities that pertain to people as individuals and as members of diverse populations.

B-14. Racism, Sexism, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification Discrimination. Discrimination and stereotyping based on . . . gender, sexual orientation, gender identification . . . must be eliminated. The Association also believes that these factors should not affect the legal rights . . . of the partners in a legally recognized domestic partnership, civil union, or marriage in regard to matters involving the other partner, such as medical decisions, taxes, inheritance, adoption, and immigration. Plans, activities, and programs must —


  • Increase respect, understanding, acceptance, and sensitivity toward individuals and groups in a diverse society composed of . . . gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender persons . . .
  • Eliminate discrimination and stereotyping in curricula, textbooks, resource and instructional materials, activities, etc.
  • Integrate an accurate portrayal of the roles and contributions of all groups throughout history across curricula, particularly groups that have been under-represented historically
  • Eliminate subtle practices that favor the education of one student over another on the basis of . . . gender, sexual orientation, gender identification . . .
  • Examine assumptions and prejudices, including, but not limited to . . . sexism, and homophobia . . .
  • Offer . . . diverse role models . . . including the recruitment, hiring, and promotion of diverse education employees in our public schools

And this one …

  • B-39. Multicultural education. Multicultural education should . . . reduce . . . homophobia . . . and all other forms of prejudice, and discrimination and to develop self-esteem.

And what about the NEA’s stance on hiring policies?

  • D-8. Hiring Policies and Practices for Teaching Positions. The National Education Association believes that hiring policies and practices must be nondiscriminatory and include provisions for the recruitment of a diverse teaching staff.

Oh, so hiring policies of NEA members should be diverse, but contributions from people shouldn’t?

But wait!  There’s more!

In 2002, the NEA was criticized for its ideas on post 9/11 lesson plans that stripped away any mention of Muslims.  There was another lesson plan the NEA pushed too.

On the NEA’s Health Information Network Website ( the NEA urged educators to “discuss historical instances of American intolerance.”

You mean, like the intolerance you’re showing Ms. Grey?



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