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Show Prep: Wednesday, February 15

Tentative agreement reached on payroll tax agreement


Underwear bomber things life sentence is too severe since no one was hurt


South Koreans can get a Michigan drivers license easier than you


13 measles cases in Indiana now


Indiana to consider legalizing sale of raw milk


Feds shut down Amish farm for selling raw milk


Cancer drug for kids shortage


Perfume ban at work


Dad who shot daughter’s laptop was paid a visit by police


Kids paid to show up to school


Show Prep: Monday, February 13

Whitney Houston dead


Obama wants payroll tax extension … again


Romney wins Maine


Fraud alleged in Maine


Obama’s ‘compromise’ on birth control mandate is no compromise at all


Woman not allowed to fly because she is a woman


Sandusky upset neighbors have turned on him


Sandusky’s wife tries to run over reporter


Lawmakers want to ban caffeine inhaler because if you’re awake, you may figure out what they are doing


Indiana State Police report fake cops pulling people over


Search continues for evidence Josh Powell may have dumped


Incestuous image found on Josh Powell’s computer




Daily Show Prep: Monday, February 6

Super Bowl recap


Husband of missing Utah woman blows himself and kids up in house


NV caucus results


Obama’s weekly address


Dems want their candidate installed as Indiana Secretary of State


And Charlie White fires back


Vote for your favorite Super Bowl ads


Is this political ad from Pete Hoekstra racist? (Video)


M.I.A. does lewd gesture, and flips off camera during Super Bowl halftime show (Video)


Daily Show Prep: Tuesday, January 31

Florida primary yada, yada, yada … you don’t need a link to this stuff.  Stay tuned to 95.3 MNC for Florida primary coverage starting at 8 pm.


Right to work moves forward in Indiana Senate


Drug testing Indiana lawmakers is back on!


Mishiwaka high school wrestling scandal case to be closed to the public


Last teen in Niles ‘sextortion’ case is sentenced to probation


Dad calls 911 because kid was hit with snowball, filed battery complaint


Support Kelly Cares Foundation


Government says federal employees make more than private sector


Is Obama most polarizing president ever?


Indiana Senate proposes teaching creationism from many religion’s perspectives


Obama flubs how many jobs his administration created during Google+ townhall


Blake Griffin POSTERIZES Kendrick Perkins “DUNK OF THE YEAR”

Daily Show Prep: Monday, January, 30

NBC wants Romney to stop using their material to attack Newt


Herman Cain endorses Newt


Romney leads Florida primary polls


Indiana human trafficking bill passes


The Super Bowl festivities come to Indianapolis


Man sues because ex-girlfriends slandered him online, Gloria Allred still hates men


Domestic violence advocates not happy about new legislation allowing you to resist police from entering home


Obama still mad about his judicial appointments


Photos for Soldiers


Your chance to buy Super Bowl tickets, and help a great cause


Indiana welfare drug testing proposal


Obama singing increases song sales




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