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Teacher, 39, Has Sex With Student, 15, In Backseat Of Her Car



(Daily Mail) – A teacher has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for having sex with one of her former students, who was just 15 at the time.

Jailed: Former teacher Amanda Watkins has been sentenced to 10 years in prison

Amanda Watkins’ mother asked for leniency, saying: ‘My daughter is not a bad person, but she is a sick person.’

Watkins, 39, was a teacher at Sheffield Junior High School in Alabama when she was found having sex with the teenager in the back seat of her car in December 2009.

She admitted to police that the pair were engaging in sexual activity, according to the Times Register, and was fired the next month.

In November last year, she was convicted of second-degree rape and second-degree sodomy, but her lawyer says she might appeal that verdict.

During sentencing, Watkins took the stand to apologise to the youth and ask for forgiveness.

Family members and two psychiatrists also testified on behalf of the former teacher, claiming that she was mentally ill and a custodial sentence would endanger her recovery.

The psychiatrists said that in prison Watkins would not have access to therapy or medication in prison.

And her mother, LaVon Dubois, said: ‘I ask leniency for Amanda so she can get the treatment she needs. My daughter is not a bad person, but she is a sick person.’

Watkins’ lawyer said that as a first-time offender who had already seen her career destroyed by her actions, the ex-teacher should be given probation rather than prison.

But the judge disagreed, handing down a 10-year sentence as well as a further 30 years on probation.

The district attorney celebrated the verdict, saying that the family of the victim was pleased to see Watkins behind bars.


12-Year-Old Girl Found NAKED Inside Of Trash Can Searching For Food



Submitted to WIDK by Michael Holland

(Daily Mail) – A naked 12-year-old girl was spotted eating food out of trash cans in California Thursday after neighbours said they saw her wandering the streets with only a car mat covering her.

Child endangerment: Tracy Lynn Betts, 40, was arrested after her daughter was found naked and rummaging the trash

The girl’s mother, 40-year-old Tracy Lynn Betts was said to have taken her daughter’s shoes and clothes in an effort to keep her from leaving her BMW, police said.

Betts was taken into custody and later arrested on suspicion of felony child endangerment.

Riverside County sheriff’s officials say when police responded to a 911 call Thursday, they found the girl in a car where she was allegedly left by her mother, the Press-Enterprise reported.

The girl told authorities that her mother works as a teacher’s assistant at Vail Elementary. Betts allegedly took her daughter’s shoes and clothes so she couldn’t leave the car.

Neighbours said they found the girl rummaging through their trash can, trying to cover herself with a floor mat from the car.

Avenida de Calazada resident Dominique Prado told the Press-Enterprise that she and her husband were in their yard when they saw the girl rooting through a trash can.

Ms Prado says she gave her an apple, children’s snacks and a bottle of water.

Deputies found the child sitting famished in the car.

The girl is in protective custody and was given medical care at a nearby hospital for unspecified ailments.

Betts was held Thursday night on $15,000 bail, which she posted Friday. She will next appear in court April 12.

Mother Leaves Newborn Baby In Bathtub TO DROWN – Hated Son ‘Since The Day He Was Born’



(Daily Mail) – A mother who says she hated her baby son from the day he was born left him to drown in the bath, investigators say.


Neha Patel of Lakeland, Florida, allegedly slapped one-year-old Ishan, then purposefully left him alone in a hall-full bathtub.

Returning 10 minutes later to find the infant unconscious, she refused to do CPR even though she knew what to do, the sheriffs office said.

Patel, 32, was arrested yesterday at the parking lot at Tampa International Airport.

She said she  intended to kill herself by jumping off the garage roof, but stopped during two approaches as there were too many people were around.

The young mother has now been charged with first-degree murder.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said the cause of death was blunt force trauma at the hands of his mother, the New York Daily News reported.

Patel may have been suffering from post-natal depression, investigators say.

She told deputies she ‘hated’ her son since the day he was born and felt he was responsible for her ‘state of mind.’

Post-natal depression, caused by a chemical, hormonal imbalance,  affects 10 to 15 percent of women.

The pharmacist was home alone with her son on Thursday when the alleged murder took place. 

When he started to crawl toward her she smacked him because she hated to be near him and wanted to discourage him from coming close to her, the sheriff’s office said.

After getting him up from a nap she put him in the bath, which at the time was half full of water, and left him on his own , investigators said.

When she returned and found the infant unconscious she allegedly did not attempt CPR or call 911 but instead dressed the child and took a bizarre drive around the area. With the child’s body in the car she went to nearby supermarket, then home, then to Ocala, then to Tampa International Airport, the sheriff’s office said.

Patel knew her son was dead because he had turned ‘blue’ and was ‘cold to the touch.’

Patels’s husband, Rasesh Patel, had last seen his son alive at 7.20 am Thursday when he left to take the couple’s four-year-old daughter to preschool and go to work.

He attempted to phone home between 10.30 am and 12.30 pm before returning home at 1.30 pm to find them gone, deputies said.

That evening he called police to report his wife and son missing, saying Neha was depressed and he was worried as she hadn’t been taking her medication, Eleazer said.

Around 2am Friday morning she returned home and put the baby boy in his crib, telling her husband she drowned him, investigators say.

But when she heard him on the telephone to relatives she took off again for the airport telling her husband she would rather die than go to prison.

‘I will be dead by tomorrow,’ she told her husband, the Miami Herald reported.

The mother-of two had been acting strangely all week.

She resigned from her job as a CVS pharmacist on February 12, and talked about suicide. She said she would like to die in the Smoky Mountains, her husband told authorities.

Teacher Forces Her Fifth-Grade Students To Write Cards For Her Incarcerated Boyfriend



(Huffington Post By ANDY CAMPBELL) – A New York teacher is under fire after she forced her fifth-graders to make holiday cards for her incarcerated boyfriend — who’s been accused of possessing child porn and convicted on weapons charges.


Queens educator Melissa Dean told kids at Public School 143 to draw up 27 cards for upstate inmate John Coccarelli, because she “thought it was a nice thing to do,” investigators told the New York Daily News.

Dean is accused of mailing the cards in December, which contained at least two home addresses of children.

Coccarelli was charged in 2008 after he was found in possession of 27 explicit images of underage children, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The child pornography charge was dropped when Coccarelli pleaded guilty to weapons possession and jailed.

A corrections officer opened Dean’s package on Dec. 23 and reported the letters to her supervisor and the school. Principal Sheila Gorski deemed the actions inappropriate and reported Dean to the city.

City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott told the Daily News that Dean’s plot was “totally ridiculous, absurd … and we’re not going to tolerate it.”

“We’re moving for that teacher’s termination,” he added.

NBC reported that Dean didn’t get permission to send the students’ work, and she didn’t tell the students who the cards were for — only that they’d go to “people who did not have a home or did not feel well.”

She was transferred to an office in Long Island City pending the outcome of the school’s investigation.

Man Caught With CRACK COCAINE Stuffed Up His Butt



(Huffington Post BY KYLE McGOVERN) – Florida police arrested and charged a 28-year-old man with possession of cocaine after they found crack in, well, his crack, according to Martin County Sheriff’s Office records obtained by the TCPalm.

Ramon Blair was taken into police custody on Feb. 13 after an informant told officers that a man with $100 worth of crack cocaine “on his person” would be with a woman in a white four-door Pontiac with no hubcaps.

Police stopped the vehicle just before 11 p.m. and found Blair, who had cocaine residue in his right nostril, according to WPBF 25 News.

A second informant told police that Blair had approximately $300 worth of crack cocaine on him, but a search on the scene turned up no results.

While in custody, officers did a more thorough search of Blair. When they asked him to undress, squat, and cough. Police then noticed what seemed to be a “wad of white paper” in Blair’s buttocks.

Blair told police that the paper — which is referred to as “paper towel” in police records — contained crack cocaine.