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Watch This: It’s Official, VW Now Makes The Best Super Bowl Commercials

Another of VW’s new Super Bowl commercials has emerged.


Camaro Punches Driver For Drifting

The proper way to wash your car.

Back & Forth: Court Upholds Obamacare … Mandated Car Purchases Next

This fight just isn’t going away.


President Obama’s controversial health care law got a major boost Wednesday when the first ruling by a federal appeals court affirmed that Congress can require Americans to have minimum insurance coverage.

The government didn’t argue the legality of the law, but instead that the mandate was necessary to reduce overall health costs while protecting those with preexisting conditions.

Obamacare is, factually, unconstitutional, and there are still 30 more cases pending.  This case will also be appealed.

Attempts to compare it to Social Security, the Civil Rights Act, and the Voting Rights Act are only put forth by the mentally puny.

It really is this simple … never before have the American people been required to purchase a good or service by the government.  The reason is that the Constitution does not allow it.

To support the government’s legal justification for the mandate (interstate commerce), you are literally saying that the government has the right to mandate you buy a car, and dictate which type of car you must buy (like GM).  They could also require a specific color (h/t California).

If the government’s assertion that they have the right to mandate the purchase of insurance simply because it falls under interstate commerce, then they can mandate the purchase of any other good or service that also falls under interstate commerce (like cars).

Funny, every time I mention the car scenario everyone is opposed to the government mandating such a purchase.


Video: Car Goes Off Cliff At Pikes Peak

Thank God he’s ok.