Woman Molested On Flight TWICE After Crew Refuses To Move Her After First Attack



(Daily Mail) – A woman on a long haul flight to New York was molested twice after she was told by the crew she could not change seats following the first attack.

Cause for alarm: A woman flying from Argentina to New York says she was molested twice after her first complaint of a man seated beside her was ignored by attendants leading to a second attack by him

The victim, who has not been identified, said she had fallen asleep and woke up to find a man groping her breast.

She complained to the cabin crew but nothing was done, according to court papers.

When she nodded off again she awoke to find the same man with his hand on her thigh and told him to get off.

She called the police upon landing at JFK airport in New York and an arrest complaint against the man has now been filed.

The incident happened on an American Airlines flight from Argentina to New York but no other details have been released.

It is however the latest in a string of alleged sex attacks that have taken place on planes.

Last March passenger Iurii Chumak, 53, was accused of putting his hand up a flight attendant’s skirt and groping her.

The 53-year-old was arrested after landing in New York from London on the British Airways service.

Teacher Katherine Goldberg was spared jail despite downing ‘a pint of whiskey’ and grabbing a flight attendant’s groin before demanding he have sex with her.

The 25-year-old, from London, had been on a flight from Johannesburg to London at the time.

Other passengers have allegedly done similar things before they even got off the ground, including Yukari Miyamae, 61, from Colorado.

She was accused of grabbing an airport security officer’s breast whilst at Phoenix International Airport in Arizona after becoming exasperated by the pat down she was getting.

Her retaliation caused her to be arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse.

In a statement, American Airlines said: ‘We will definitely be looking into this as a company, and we will work in conjunction with law enforcement as appropriate for any criminal matter.

‘Beyond that, we do not have any additional information. We can’t comment as it’s an ongoing criminal investigation.’


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