WIDK Weekly Top Ten, February 12-18



WIDK by Staff Writer JENN FLANAGAN – There was an interesting mix of news at WIDK this week, from celebrity death to scientific miracles.  As usual, abusive people and their victims run amok throughout our WIDK Weekly Top Ten List. 

Woman who knifed boyfriend for not giving her Valentine's Day gift.

Thanks to you, WIDK readers, our number one story this week had a record 6,437 views!  We couldn’t do it without you, so keep on reading and enjoy this week’s list:

#10 – This catalogue model has Photoshop to thank for her lovely alien hand.

#9 – In a measure that can only be described as selfless (or stupid), this woman spared her boyfriend and family a lifetime of having to care for her.

#8 – This burglar with no heart raped and beat a new mother right in front of her 1-week-old infant.

#7 – “Halfy,” the man with half a head, is a living example against of driving under the influence – but the results of his accident don’t stop him from getting totally wasted!

#6 – Stem cells helped to regrow this toddler’s severely burned skin – simply amazing!

#5 – The ultimate act of parental drug-induced laziness caused this young boy to die of curable cancer.

#4 – Whitney Houston’s daughter proved that falling asleep in the bathtub runs in the family.

#3 – Remember how angry your parents would become when you slacked on your chores?  Yeah, well that was nothing compared to this poor boy’s fate.

#2 – This mom must have had a really bad day while her husband was away, but attempting to drown her children in the tub clearly wasn’t going to help matters.


#1 – A reminder to all boyfriends to buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their significant others, lest they incur this incurable wrath!

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