Man CUTS OFF His Own PENIS At Fruit Stand – Then Jumps Off Balcony To His Death



(Huffington Post By ANDY CAMPBELL) – A horrific sequence of events marred Valentine’s Day in a Chinese city: A 26-year-old Chinese cut off his penis at a fruit stand and then committed suicide by jumping off a hotel balcony.


The man, identified only as Zhu, showed up at a dental clinic in the Tsinghua University campus holding his bleeding crotch, Jinghua News reported.

Zhu had apparently walked up to a nearby fruit stand, grabbed a knife and dropped his trousers before cutting off his penis.

“That man used the fruit knife, just cut the thing off!” Miss Hua, the fruit stand owner, told the paper. “I was nearly throwing up! And I called police immediately!”

Then Zhu waltzed into the dental clinic, where he asked for anesthesia — but was turned away because the dentist’s medicine only curbed toothaches.

Zhu ran to the university hospital, where doctors bandaged him and prepared to transfer him to a larger facility. But Zhu fled the ambulance en route, ran to a local hotel, and jumped off a balcony on the third floor, according to

By the time cops showed up, Zhu had died of injuries from the leap.


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