Two Woman Offered To Flash Breasts For Money – PULLED A KNIFE When No One Accepted



(Daily Mail) – Two woman who ran out of beer money allegedly offered to flash their breasts to restaurant customers for cash.


But when they failed to get a single taker a fight ensued, only ending when one allegedly pulled a knife on a restaurant worker and both got arrested.

Alicia Martin, 28, and Kathryn Rayannic, 23, who were celebrating after passing an exam, had drunk excessive quantities of beer at the bar, restaurant staff at The Waterfront in St. James City, Florida said.

But when they ran out of money the confident pair thought they could use their assets to fund their night out-going table to table offering to flash other restaurant customers for money.

‘They were offering to show their boobs for drinks,’ waiter Shaun Bassett told NBC2. ‘We had five guys that were like, ‘Please, leave us alone.’ They actually went up to tables who had their wives there.’

After a total lack of interest the two got aggressive, restaurant staff said.  

‘Basically when they were turned down, they kind of got a little rowdy,’ Bassett said.

When other customers complained, two restaurant workers attempted to evict the would-be flashers.

Martin allegedly responded by shoving the female employee into a wall, the arrest warrant states.

And outside in the parking lot, she punched the same worker in the back of the head, police say.

When her coworker, the cook, intervened to protect his colleague and confiscate Martin’s car keys, she allegedly pulled a knife and threatened to stab him. 

He was forced to back off leaving Martin to allegedly continue her assault on his coworker, until police arrived on the scene. 

Martin has been charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Battery. Rayannic is charged with Disorderly Conduct.


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