Tragic – Newborn Baby Was MAULED TO DEATH By Husky From Parents’ Dogsledding Business



(Daily Mail By DANIEL BATES) – A newborn baby boy has been mauled to death by a husky that was part of the family dogsled business.

Tragic: A newborn baby boy has been mauled to death by a husky that was part of the family dogsled business

The child was fatally injured at his home where he lived with parents Rob and Rhonda Fradette in an attack that has been dubbed ‘all our worst nightmare’.

The baby was rushed to hospital but died 12 hours later from his wounds.

The child has not been identified but his parents are said to be ‘distraught’ and ‘in mourning’.

They run a dogsled business from their suburban home in Airdrie, Alberta in Canada and keep four Siberian huskies used by sledders and in dog races.

No charges will be brought against them and police have said it was a ‘tragic accident’.

It is thought their other son Smith, two, was home when the incident happened. 

Police were called to the home at 10am on Wednesday morning after a frantic call from Mr and Mrs Fradette, in their 30s.

Their son was taken to Alberta Children’s Hospital but died that night.

Neighbour Erica Wollen, who has two sons of her own, said: ‘Its horrible.

‘I can’t even imagine the devastation and for it to be their own animal. It would be just devastating because I am sure they trusted their own dog.’

On the website for their company Urban Mushers Mr and Mrs Fradette write about their deep love of husky dogs and how they treat them like members of their own family.

They have uploaded dozens of pictures which show them petting the dogs, which were all adopted.

One shows them standing with all four of their pets called Celine, Ikkuma, Spot and Siku along with son Smith and smiling for the camera.

Writing about their first husky Simba, which his wife bought in 1994, Mr Fradette showed their love for the animals by posting: ‘She brought home a grey and white pup named Simba. 

‘Simba taught us all the ins and outs of being a Siberian owner. There are many memories and stories to tell. Many trips to Southland off-leash, walks and runs. 

‘Simba had such a personality as so many Sibes do . . . a  ‘whooooo’ as a welcome when we came home to a retrieval of anything you asked of her.’

The husky that carried out the attack has been quarantined but it is not thought to have been put down yet. A decision will be made later.

Breeders said they were stunned that a husky could have carried out the attack as they are so ‘family friendly’.

Dawn Donald, who runs Mad Dogs & Englishmen Expeditions in Exshaw, Alberta, told the Calgary Herald: ‘I know them and I know their dogs and this is very surprising.

‘Something like this can happen in a split second and it’s all our worst nightmare. It could happen to anyone with dogs, not just huskies.

‘It could have been a case of the animal showing nurturing instincts, or trying to move the baby.

‘It might not have been a malicious attack at all.’

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sft Patricia Neely said she would not be releasing exact details of the attack.

But she said: ‘Obviously, a baby isn’t provoking an attack in any manner.

‘There will be an investigation held…involving the family and they’ll determine the future of the dog and whether the dog is destroyed or not.

‘(The family) are clearly distraught and we simply offer them our deepest condolences on the death of their child.

‘It’s nothing but a tragedy’.

Inspector Tony Hamori said the attack was an ‘unimaginable event.’

‘There is no history whatsoever of any issues with this particular dog. It’s just a very tragic accident.’

A man who answered the door at the family home declined to comment.


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