Waitresses Sexual Abused At ‘Skimpy’ Restaurant – Groped By Their Boss – Put Ice Down Their Skirts



(Daily Mail By LOUISE BOYLE) – Waitresses who worked at the Tilted Kilt – a Celtic-themed sports bar where staff are required to wear skimpy tartan skirts and matching bras – are suing management at one branch for sexual harassment.

Skirting the issue: The Tilted Kilt sports bar in Chicago is being sued by 19 former waitresses who claim they were sexually harassed by a manager (posed by model)

The lawsuit filed by 19 women claimed that a manager groped them and made filthy, degrading remarks – often in front of patrons.

The waitresses all worked at the Tilted Kilt franchise in the Loop, downtown Chicago.

Mark Roth, a lawyer representing the women, said they were forced to endure insults and were degraded while trying to do their jobs.

According to CBS Chicago, one manager grabbed the women’s breasts and buttocks, tried to kiss one of them and put ice down their skirts.

He also allegedly told one waitress: ‘Meow, meow. You’re a dirty kitty’ and made comments about pornography to another.

Mr Roth told the TV station: ‘There were requests for sex. There were degrading comments that were made. Something that no woman should have to put up with anywhere, let alone by their manager in the workforce.’

The lawsuit, filed in federal court on February 8, listed around two dozen incidents of harassment. The accusations were levelled only at management and not at customers.

The Tilted Kilt branch in Chicago was unavailable for comment at this time when contacted by MailOnline.

The Tilted Kilt, which markets itself as the ‘best-looking sports pub you’ve ever seen’, was founded in 2003 in Las Vegas by restaurateur Mark DiMartino.

The franchise has dozens of locations across the U.S., with the majority on the east coast, and one bar in Edmonton, Canada.

Waitresses at the bar, described by one patron as a ‘titillating tribute to Scotland’ are given the uniform of knee-high socks, short kilts with matching bras covered by a skimpy white shirt.

The bars feature wall-to-wall flatscreen TVs for watching sports, pool tables, happy hour deals and blaring music, mainly from the 1980s.

The menu offerings include the typical range of bar snacks along with such delicacies as ‘Irish nachos’ – potato chips coated in cheese sauce with beef and tomatoes.


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