Student, 17, Arrested After Video Captures Him Wrestling Teacher Over BAG OF CHEETOS – Video



(Daily Mail) – A 17-year-old high school student is facing possible criminal charges after attacking his assistant principal in a brawl that erupted over a bag of Cheetos.

Caught on camera: A 17-year-old student at Jefferson High School in Lafayette, Indiana is accused of attacking assistant principal Roger Francis

The student was suspended from Jefferson High School in Lafayette, Indiana, after a bag of the cheesy snack flew into the air, hitting Roger Francis in the head shortly before classes began at 8am Monday.

The unnamed teenager was called to Francis’ office and refused, apparently attacking the school official.

According to local news WLFI, a teacher who witnessed the incident, Tim Hollendonner, stepped in to help. But the fracas sent all three tumbling to the ground.

Lafayette School Corp Superintendent Ed Eiler, describing the incident to the Huffington Post, said: ‘Cheetos went flying everywhere.

‘As to whether or not the bag was thrown at him, or why it was thrown in that general direction, we’re looking into [it].’

Video shot on a smartphone was posted to YouTube, but has since been removed. Footage was obtained by local news WLFI.

Mr Eiler said Mr Francis suffered a cut to his nose and hand. Neither party involved in the incident was treated for injuries.

He said the student was suspending pending internal review for further disciplinary action, and could be expelled.

School officials told the station the student was arrested by Lafayette police after the incident. 

Deputy Chief Dave Payne told WLFI he was taken to the Tippecanoe County Jail’s juvenile centre on Monday and today was placed at Cary Home for Children.

No other arrests were made.


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