Picture This – Artist Makes Photo-Realistic Portrait Of His Father Using 3.2 MILLION DOTS



(Daily Mail By DAMIEN GAYLE) – At first glance, this picture might just looks like a photocopy of a man’s face squashed up against a photocopier.

portrait dots father

But look more closely and it becomes clear it is actually made up from a phenomenal 3.2million tiny dots.

Miguel Endara from Miami, Florida, spent almost a year creating this 11in by 17in portrait of his father – meticulously positioning each tiny dot by hand.

Mr Endara said: ‘I’m a great admirer of stippling, so I decided to create this portrait of my father using this technique to experience this incredible art form for myself.

‘I’ve always wanted to pay tribute to my father for being a great person.

‘His personality is warm and unquestionably friendly, and of course very playful – as you can see in the unflattering drawing he agreed to participate in.

‘We scanned a series of images of his face, and the final portrait is an amalgamation of those photos.’

Over 11 months, Miguel spent 210 hours painstakingly completing the picture using a single Sakura Pigma Micron pen with a nib of just 0.2mm.

He added: ‘The number of dots is an approximation, not an exact number. But it’s a very, very close approximation.

‘I filmed myself in just about every section of my drawing and got an average of 4.25 dots per second, which translated into 3,213,000 dots if you multiply that by 210 hours, which is what I logged in for the drawing.’


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