That’s Gross – Fattest Woman In Britain Weighs Over 560 Pounds – Hasn’t Left House In FOUR YEARS



(The Sun By ROBIN PERRIE) – The fattest woman in Britain told yesterday how she has not been out for four years because of her weight.

Cold comfort ... Brenda and fridge

Brenda Flanagan-Davies, who is nearly 40st, spends all day in a reinforced bed listening to the radio and buying groceries online.

She eats 6,000 calories a day — three times what an average woman needs.

Her only exercise is to walk 20ft to the wet-room style shower in the bathroom — a feat that leaves her exhausted.

Doctors have given Brenda, 43, a stark choice — diet or die.

She said: “It terrifies me, but I just can’t stop. Doctors warned my weight will kill me because I’m putting so much stress on my organs.

“But food is an addiction that I can’t fight.”

Brenda, who gets about £300 a week in benefits, added: “I hate this life. I feel ashamed of myself that I’m even in this position. I want to help myself but don’t know where to start.”
She has been told her body is not strong enough to cope with surgery, such as fitting a stomach-shrinking gastric band.

She has already tried weight-loss drugs and spells at slimming clubs but admitted: “I can never stick to a strict diet.”

Brenda — who five years ago weighed 48st — shares a bungalow with husband Ronnie Davies in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. A care team devotes 25½ hours a week to her — costing Gateshead Council around £400. Carers help her shower, give her a “deep crease clean” to tackle the sores which develop from being in bed so much and cook and shop for her.

Brenda spends around £250 a week on food. About £100 a month goes on takeaways.

In between sensible meals prepared by her carers, she has chocolate bars and fizzy drinks from a fridge in her bedroom.

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