How To Spot Media Bias Against Pit Bulls, And The Tragedy It Creates

Recent headlines are telling the story of a toddler who was attacked by a pack of dogs.  Here’s how I originally knew they weren’t American Pit Bull Terriers:

Toddler mauled by as many as seven dogs in Lake Worth

Notice the distinct lack of the words ‘Pit’ and ‘Bull’ in the headline.

It’s easy now days to find media bias on an issue.  Had this been the family’s Pit Bulls, the headline would have read:

Toddler mauled by savage pack of Pit Bulls

I was curious as to what breed was responsible for this attack though, and so I went looking and found out they were Boxers.

No info will be released about the toddler, and I hope he’s ok.

It’s biased media reporting like this that leads to tragedy sometimes.  The constant ignorance spewed by the media about American Pit Bull Terriers fueled the venom that led to the death of a soap opera actor recently.

After succumbing to pressure, Nick Santino, a soap opera actor, was so distraught about having, Rocco, his healthy pit bull mix euthanized Tuesday, that he commit suicide from remorse, devastation, and depression.

Santino, who appeared on All My Children and Guiding Light, was found dead by police in the bedroom of his NY condo, on what was his 47th birthday. It appears he died from a pill overdose.

The building had enforced strict new laws in 2010 against this breed living in the building. However the law didn’t apply to pit bulls that were curently living there.

But Santino found himself continuously harrassed and received complaints by neighbors and building management about Rocco. He was not allowed to use the main elevator or leave Rocco for more than 9 hours unattended.

In a suicide note, he wrote:

‘Today I betrayed my best friend. Rocco trusted me and I failed him. He didn’t deserve this.’

Don’t you find society’s silence on this issue interesting considering the push for anti-bullying legislation lately?  I guess if we are talking about Pit Bulls, this doesn’t count as bullying.

This is the ignorance that fuels mob frenzy.  I can still remember a woman’s terror as she pulled out her pepper spray to attack my 8 week old puppy when I was walking her.  All Raven wanted to do was say hi and play.  Again, she was 8 weeks old.

For many decades the APBT was the poster dog for the American family.  Loyal, obedient, and gentle with kids.  Those are still the natural traits of the breed.  Sadly, their most desired traits are also their biggest liability.  If an owner wants a APBT to be mean, they’ll be mean.

Do not confuse the natural traits of the breed that you get from a reputable breeder with the overly aggressive traits that are bred into some Pit Bulls by scumbags.  As with all dogs, you must evaluate the breed for your lifestyle.  You must also do the research on where you plan to get the dog, and its lineage if possible.

Here’s 10 shining examples of how gentle APBTs can be.


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  1. Sorry, I live in a neighborhood full of dogs, and the only one I’ve have problems with are the two pit bulls across the street. They get loose frequently, and have attacked my three dogs and me while I was walking them (leashed) twice now. One has also burrowed under my fence and gotten into my back yard, right after I was able to get my dogs in the house. I understand that they can be conditioned and trained to be good animals, but these dogs are running on pure instinct, and I am confident that my dogs will be hurt at some point this summer.

    • Sorry you’re dealing with bad owners, and certainly personal experience will dictate how one believes. But allow me to substitute the Pit Bulls with black people to make a point.

      Again, this is for illustration purposes only to prove a point. Please don’t read too much into it.

      I’m only having problems with my neighbors across the street, who happen to be the only black people in my neighborhood. They are mean, reckless, and violent. Therefore, all black people must be mean, reckless, and violent.

      APBTs are naturally human friendly. That is a well-documented natural trait of the breed. They have to be conditioned to be human aggressive. Not the other way around like you’ve stated.

      APBTs can have aggression towards small animals. That is a natural trait, and is so for all terriers. Human aggression is something their owners wanted.

  2. Casey: I completely agree. I have learned alot about the breed from watching “Pitbulls and Parolees” on Animal Planet. They really are the most misunderstood breed and I thank you for your thoughts on this.

    L. Coumou