Watch It: Why I Love Religion, & Jesus (A Response To Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus)

I recently posted the viral video Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus.  Now there’s a response to that viral video that has earned tremendous accolades.

Watch both, and let me know who is winning this war of spoken word.

Here’s the original.


Here’s the new response.


In my opinion, both have some valid points.  And both have some glaring holes in their argument.




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  1. This is incredibly thought provoking. I always counted myself as part of the first video. I still do. But, the priest had some very good and valid points. Here’s the thing, as someone training to one day be a Pastor, I am fully immersed in church and therefore, religion. But from the pulpit, I teach that God is more interested in a relationship than a religion. I think if religion was done right, it would be synonymous with relationship but since that isn’t the case, I think the first video will speak volumes to what our generation needs to hear far more than the response.

  2. I’m instantly skeptical of anyone who “hates religion but loves Jesus.” It seems those that use this statement are those who would rather sleep in on Sunday mornings than go to church. Hebrews 10:19-25 specifically warns us against skipping church – I mean, “doing religion.”

    But “doing religion” for the sake of religion is a faster slide to hell than avoiding Christ and church altogether. I believe Jesus called these kinds of people “whitewashed tombs”. However, if the relationship is what’s important (in reply to Mike BC), the religion is hand-in-hand with it.

    Look at it this way – my relationship with Jesus requires religion (the entire book of James, people), but having religion doesn’t require Jesus.