Union Thugs Want Indiana Republicans Tarred And Feathered (Video)

You’ve heard me say many times that Indiana Democrats need to act like adults, and show up for work.  Well, they haven’t been.  As a result, important legislation has been held up.  Like the human trafficking legislation the Governor wants done before the Super Bowl.

The reason they are rarely showing up for work is the push to make Indiana a right to work state.  All that means is that an employee who doesn’t belong to a union can’t be forced to pay union dues in order to keep their job.  If this law passes, the unions will get less money to give to Democrat politicians.  Hence their outrage.  It has nothing to do with protecting the workers of Indiana.  Unions are not required to negotiate on behalf of non-union employees at the workplace.  So there goes the union’s “free-loader” argument.

Since Democrats decided to not show up for work, they missed their deadline to submit amendments to the right to work legislation in question.  In accordance with House rules, the Republicans refused to allow the Democrats to submit those amendments late.

That’s when this happened:

I love the line …

American lives have been lost defending our democracy!

Yeah, because I joined the military to have a union steal money from my family against my will. What a noble ‘American’ value buddy.

Of course, honorable mention goes to …

Does ‘aye’ mean ‘yes’?

And …

You’ll be tarred and feathered for this!

Isn’t civility, maturity, and reason more meaningful when you see someone completely devoid of it?

I recently did a podcast breaking down right to work vs union states for your reference.

The Blaze has another video of the incident with the camera sitting with the union thugs.

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