Welcome To My New Site!

I finally got my self-hosted website up and running. This site will serve as a backup, but will no longer be active. I know it’s frustrating updating your bookmarks, and RSS feeds to a new site. However, it had to be done. Free hosting just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

One of the main reasons for getting the self-hosted domain (aside from the obvious) is that I needed to have a site that could import content I wanted to share automatically, and I needed to have my podcasts hosted on the same site as my blog.

The new site also has some great flexibility for me to implement new features for you!

Not only can you read the blog, catch up on the news, listen to and download my podcasts, but I have great plans for the coming months.  The new site will have a members section that allows registered members (free) to submit stories they think other listeners and readers would enjoy.  Think of it as submitting show prep to the site.  Kind of like Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.  Who knows, maybe I’ll use your story on the air during Michiana’s Morning News.

I’m also looking into adding a live chat back onto my site.  Listeners really liked that feature when I was on the radio in Vegas.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to add a whole new video feature as well.  Like MNC TV, but with more of a hard edge.

I’ve learned my lessons from previous endeavors in Vegas on my web presence.  It was frustrating for listeners, readers, and me to move things around when I left one station for another.  I used to tie all of my web presence to the station I was working at.  I’ve put a stop to that practice.  My new Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and Website are mine, and mine alone.  They will remain the same no matter where I move, or work.  So rest assured, this will be the last time you ever have to update your bookmarks and subscriptions.  Also, all posts from this blog have been copied over to the new site as well.

Thankfully, I work for a great company that understands the importance of my brand, and encourages these practices.

I’ve set up two new feeds for you to subscribe to in the sidebar.  You can subscribe to the whole blog, or just the podcasts.  I’m also going to use Networked Blogs a lot more for syndication.  Please spread the word, and thanks for the support.



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  1. Shanna Fletcher

    Hey Casey, Thanks for the update! It’s nice to have you ‘almost’ in one spot again.
    Love You, m (the other m)