You Racists Can’t Call Them “Undocumented” Anymore

Good grief.

The legal code calls them illegal aliens, but weak-minded Americans allowed themselves to be lured into the race-bait trap.  It became racist to call them illegal, or aliens for that matter.  I think the latter offended the little grey guys.

So then it was kosher to call them undocumented immigrant, worker, etc.  Now that too is not PC enough!


The Disenfranchised Residents Formerly Known as Undocumented: It’s not acceptable to call illegal immigrants “illegals”–but it’s no longer OK to use the clanking, formerly PC euphemism “undocumented immigrant” either, according to a GOP umbrage expert quoted in the Washington Post. Leslie Sanchez, “a Republican strategist who worked on the McCain campaign,” finds a sympathetic ear in the Post‘s Nia-Malika Henderson:

… [B]ecause of the ascension of Latino independents and Republicans, candidates have to be very sensitive as to how they talk about this issues.”

“They can’t use the term illegals,” Sanchez said. “At best it’s undocumented immigrant, at worst it’s illegals and illegal aliens, and both are pejorative and condescending.”

Oooh … kaaay?

All along my audience has been using the proper terminology for these ‘border impaired’ ruffians anyway.  All together now … what is an illegal alien/undocumented worker?  A FUGITIVE!

Well done class.



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