Gifts For Guys 2011


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday in a couple of days, I figured I’d come up with some great gift ideas for the men (or gadget-minded ladies) in your life.  They are in no particular order, and are not sorted by price.

Keep reading for the list.

Amazon Is Selling Every Single Non-iPhone For A Penny

Like it or not, Android is the most popular smart phone OS.  Apple makes a good product, but the company loses out to Android’s flexibility and innovation.  All that’s required is a new two year contract. If you are qualified for an upgrade, or currently don’t have a contract, this may be the best deal to get the newest Android swag.


The SLUG – $25

The SLUG could be the coolest gadget to come out in years. As a radio professional, I see great potential here. The SLUG, is a portable keychain used to record all the audio being played by your computer, or any external devices (such as MP3 players or mobile phones).

The software that comes with the SLUG automatically splits up tracks based on silence, so you can leave a playlist of streaming music playing, and come back to whole folder of separated MP3s/WAVs. There is also a feature which deletes tracks under a certain length, so you never have to worry about saving advertisements.


Asus Transformer Prime Tablet – $492

Asus’s Transformer Prime tablet is finally coming out. You can pre-order the tablet now for shipping dates in early December. What makes this tablet great is that it will be updated with Ice Cream Sandwich, Android’s new operating system. Though it will ship with the current Honeycomb OS. Check out the new OS below.


TASCAM’s iM2 – $79

TASCAM’s iM2 turns the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a high-quality stereo recorder.  Imagine recording a concert, and having it actually sound like the concert, instead of the awful sound your default microphone records.  This mic is a must have for musicians or audiophiles.


LuminAID – $25

The LuminAID light is a solar-rechargeable, inflatable lamp that packs flat and inflates to create a lightweight, waterproof light.

This thing is pretty cool. LuninAID was founded to help those in need, but the possibilities are endless. It’s a perfect accessory for camping and as a part of your survival kits in your car or home. Plus, when you buy one, one is donated to those who need light.


HydraDuo Water Bottle – $20

This is no ordinary water bottle, it holds two drinks! If you’re a gym rat, imagine having water and your protein in one bottle. There’s no denying the creative possibility of turning this into a dual-chambered flask either.


DIY Juice To Alcohol Kit – $9.99

Yeah, you heard me! Just add a packet of this stuff to any juice container, and you’ll have a tasty alcoholic beverage in 48 hours.  It’s the perfect compliment to the dual water bottle mentioned above.  Alcohol content can reach 14%, does not come with juice.


Laser Virtual Keyboard for iPad or iPhone – $169.99

This video says it all.


Cell Phone Car Diagnostic Kits – $99.99

There’s an iPhone and Android version.

Connect this kit to your car, and to your cell phone to run diagnostics, check fuel economy, and clear engine codes. Pretty handy if you want to save some money buy figuring out what’s wrong with your car, and repairing it yourself.

Link above is to the Android version. Iphone kit here (with video).


75″ Widescreen Personal Movie Theater – $499.95

How awesome would it be to be able to watch those cell phone or Netflix videos on a 75 inch screen without having to buy an expensive new flat screen? Watch videos outside, or in the bedroom without disturbing others. Now this is a gift!


Soda Stream Soda Maker – Starting At $79.99

I have personally had a Soda Stream for 4 years, and love it!  We use it all the time to make our own soda.  Which saves us a ton of money on groceries.  We also use it to add carbonation to other drinks as well.  I highly, highly recommend this as a gift for anyone.  (I am not a paid spokesperson for Soda Stream at the time this post was written)


Pick Punch – $25

Another great gift for the musician in your life.  Every guitarist knows it’s a pain in the neck losing your picks.  Well, now you can just take out a piece of plastic and make your own pick with this handy tool.

Here’s a few of my favorite places to shop for unique guy gifts.  You’ll find a ton of great ideas on these websites.


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