UC Davis Protesters Agreed To Be Pepper Sprayed

Here’s the original video people saw on the news that caused the outrage.

This caused a lot of outrage, though the pepper spray usage was perfectly legal. Many questioned why the police didn’t just physically remove the protesters.

Then I shared this video with my listeners on the show the other day. It shows all of the events leading up to, during, and after the pepper spray incident.

That changed many people’s minds about the use of the pepper spray being justified. Especially since police attempted other non-aggressive means of removing the students.

Now … the smoking gun.

That’s right, at the beginning of the video, the officer leans over and reconfirms with protesters that they really want to be sprayed rather than move. The protesters respond by saying that it’s “fine” to spray them directly.

Protesters were given every opportunity to save themselves the hassle and pain by simply adhering to the rules. They chose not to. This incident is squarely on them.

H/t: Gateway Pundit


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