Live Blogging Herman Cain Press Conference

Two minutes from now, Herman Cain will address the allegations against him.

Updates in comments.


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  1. Cain has just stepped to the podium.

  2. Cain’s lawyer is describing that sexual harassment claims are never settled for nuisance money, and he never paraded his clients, who were victims of sexual misconduct, to the press.

    He’s also describing innocent clients he’s had who were accused of sexual harassment.

    Say’s Cain is falsely accused, and is on trial in the court of public opinion.

  3. Bialek has come forward for the first time in 14 years. Lawyer questions her motives.

  4. I will say this … Herman Cain’s press conference was on time. That’s refreshing.

  5. Herman Cain now speaks. Says he’s running for president. Apologizes for notes, but he didn’t want to miss any points he needed to address.

  6. Cain: With respect to the most recent accusation … “I have never acted inappropriately.” Claims to have never met Bialek, and didn’t recognize the name.

    Witness says she hugged him at recent tea party.

    He doesn’t remember her at all.

    Cain says he rejects charges against him … “they simply did not happen.”

  7. Already turning into campaign speech. Touts his business credentials as a businessman. Attempts to get him to back out of campaign aren’t going to happen. “Won’t be deterred by false, anonymous accusations.”

  8. Past week has been tough, but because things are tough doesn’t mean I’ll back down.

    Been married for 43 years. Says wife said it didn’t sound like anything Cain would have done.

  9. Cain asks media to not drag family into this. Accuses MSM of “stalking” some of his relatives. Demands media direct questions to him, not relatives.

  10. Cain talks about how many thousands of people he’s had working for him, and all of a sudden there’s accusations about his integrity because he’s running for president.

    “I have never acted inappropriately with anyone … period.”

  11. Cain takes questions:

    CBS asks if it is appropriate for a candidate’s character to come into question. Are you willing to take lie detector test?

    Cain: Absolutely I would take the test if needed.


    How can you convince non-supporters to support you if you’ve lost favoritism with GOP voters?

    Cain: It’s natural for people to lose faith in candidate with these types of allegations. Many of my supporters believe me, and know these allegations are false. (I’m paraphrasing)

  12. LA Times: Do you believe sexual harassment is real, have you ever seen it? (You have got to be kidding me)

    Cain: I’ve never said sexual harassment isn’t real. I’ve always dealt with it swiftly. Men are also sexual harassment victims.

  13. ABC News: What do you say to Karen Kraushaar, and are you saying she’s lying?

    Cain: She’s the one name I remember. There was an investigation, her accusations were found to be baseless. There was no settlement, but an agreement that had no legal ramifications. Her charges were baseless. (In other words severance package)

  14. Reporter: Four women have accused you, how do you explain that?

    Cain: I can’t answer why they are doing this. Other than the the fact I’m running from president, and they want to stop me.

  15. Cain is also lying about how good a manager he was at Godfather’s and Burger King. At Godfather’s, a $130 million dollar company devolved into a $30 million dollar company in two years. At Burger King, a region doing 11.6% of sales dropped to 11.1% over two and a half years. To find out the truth, see my blog at

  16. Local Fox 10 reporter: Romney called these allegations disturbing. Can you respond?

    Cain: They are disturbing, but Romney didn’t say I was guilty. He is right that these allegations are disturbing. Especially since they aren’t factually based.

    Fox: You’ve referenced the Democratic machine. Is this a conspiracy against you?

    Cain: We have no proof to place blame on anyone in particular. We can only infer that someone is trying to “wreck my character.”

  17. NBC: What role does Bialek’s financial situation play into her accusations?

    Cain: She’s said it wasn’t a motivation so I can’t say for sure. But it’s understandable for people to come to that conclusion.

    Reporter: You said accusations were found to be baseless. Who made that determination, and why were they paid?

    Cain: The NRA investigated her allegations, found them baseless, then separated her from the association.

  18. Are they asking him to release the report of the investigation? I bet 100 to 1, he refuses.

    • They didn’t ask him that because he has no authority. That’s between the NRA and the woman. He addressed specifics to the allegations against him though.

  19. CBS: Is it a possibility that it’s been too many years to remember Bialek since you hadn’t remembered previous information.

    Cain: It’s possible, but I labored over remembering her. I could not recall her at all. I’m pretty good at remembering, so I doubt I’ll remember her later.

    NY Times: What did Kraushaar accuse you of? You promised to level with us.

    Cain: I recall one thing that was called harassment. That was the time I gestured that she was a similar height to my wife. My door was open, secretary was sitting right there. Any other accusations, I’m not aware of. My council told me that was her complaint, and the issue she was most angry about. She did not react at the moment I did it.

  20. Cain: I will respond to these instances if they continue to come up, but we can’t afford to be distracted. I’m going to focus on the issues for the American people, and our grandkids.

    Cain thanks the press and then leaves.

  21. All in all, his story is consistent with what we’ve heard. It’s literally his word against hers (plural), but the evidence so far is in his favor.

    He essentially called Kraushaar a hypersensitive loon who lied, and was fired as a result. He called Bialek a complete liar, and referred to her being disturbed.

    It’s all up to the voters now, unless we hear something else. Thanks for reading.