In Defense Of Greed. Bright Minds Defend Capitalism

The Nazis and Communists protesting capitalism right now have used a perverted definition of capitalism to justify their cause.  True capitalism is moral and good.  A few bad eggs abusing capitalism’s true philosophy should not be confused with what true capitalism is.

This perversion of authentic capitalistic principles is often called ‘crapitalism.’

Below are a few videos that defend capitalism for it’s true principles, and identify why greed is, in fact, good.

First, Milton Friedman

Second, Ayn Rand

Third, Gene Epstein

Finally, the great Gordon Gekko

Two parting questions for supporters of the ‘occupy’ protests.

They’ve raised $300,000 that is being kept in a bank account.  What do you think will happen to that money?  I doubt the protesters will see much, if any, of it.

And … is it not greed to demand fruits of another’s labor to better your situation?


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  1. What an interesting compilation of videos that you have posted. I’d not name this perversion of capitalism as “crapitalism” since it is based on the ideology that aimed to destroy Capitalism as a social system. Rather, I think that the correct name to define what this “Occupy” movements are questioning is as a matter of fact what many authors have called “crony capitalism” and “corporate capitalism. These are systems that do not have an ethical or moral foundation of its principles and that is why we also should attack them. Best regards and continue your work! Congratulations!

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