The Top Political Donators Since 1989

This came up today because of an email I got after discussing Harry Reid’s new jobs plan that only benefits union labor.

A union member was angry and falsely accused me of saying all unions are bad. Generalities will come up whenever you are discussing a broad based population, so I didn’t take too much offense to it.

It did remind me that I’ve not discussed the issue of where most political money comes from in a long time.   Considering the ‘occupy’ protests, it’s as good a time as any to rehash the issue.

Below you’ll see a chart of the top 20 political donators since 1989.  The list is constantly updated, and maintained at OpenSecrets.Org.

Notice it’s unions, not big business that dominates the list. Visit Open Secrets for the full list of 140 donators.

The irony of protesting big business over political influence while not protesting unions (another big business) is staggering.


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