Is Occupy Wall Street As Large As The Tea Parties?

As a whole … no.

Nationwide, not nearly as many people have participated in the occupy Wall Street protests as the tea party rallies. I’m only counting the first April 15 rallies. Not the ones before, or since. That would simply be unfair.

Does that mean the occupy Wall Street protests should be marginalized? No. Frankly, to do so is disingenuous, and only gives credence to those who tried to marginalize the tea party rallies.

These protests are significant, just not AS significant as the tea party rallies. At least not yet. Notice I distinguish between rally and protest.

Occupy Wall Street Aerial Shot

Not bad … but …

Searchlight, NV Tea Party

Not on April 15, 2009 (full disclosure).

Glenn Beck Rally

Also, not on that first April 15.

It just goes to show that the tea party rallies have staying power, and larger numbers. Only time will tell if the occupy Wall Street protests have that kind of influence.

Tea parties are also, mostly, grassroots. You can exclude the Tea Party Express. They are a Republican front group. The attendees are grassroots, but their events aren’t organized by the grassroots. While they do put on good events, it would be nice if they disclosed who they are.

The occupy Wall Street protests also aren’t grassroots, at least a big portion aren’t. That’s a big difference between the original April 15 grassroots tea party rallies and the current organized protests on Wall Street.

Now the numbers …

Occupy Wall Street protests are estimated to have drawn an estimated 5,000-7,000 people across the country. Most of which (5,000) are in New York. That’s with the friendly MSM on their side.

The First April 15 tea party rallies drew an estimated 240,000-800,000 people in over 750 cities. Even if you take that small number, it’s not even close. And the tea party groups have been instrumental in changing out members of congress. The occupy Wall Street protesters have yet to accomplish anything remotely close. Nor have they had enough time to.

I just want people to think twice before comparing the two in scale as I saw on the news all morning today.

One more thing.

No one ever accused the tea party of being filthy sanitation problems. Nor did we ever see an image of a tea party attendee crapping on a police car.


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