Another Bullfighter Bites The Dust

Juan Jose Padilla Pre-Gore

One of Spain’s most popular matadors got his face handed to him by a bull recently.  My regulars know I always root for the bull, in any event, always.

I’m no PETA fruit, or other animal rights crazy, but I know wrong when I see it. Just like dog fighting is wrong, so is bull fighting.

Don’t worry, he’ll never have that stupid smug smirk on his face ever again.

Warning: Very graphic images (and video) follow the jump.

Yes, that's his eye popping out.


Where's that smirk of yours now?

Not so pretty anymore.


Juan stabbed the bull (Marques) six times, Marques only needed one shot.

The AP is reporting that Juan Jose Padilla is “likely to suffer facial paralysis and lose the sight in one eye.”

“I can’t see, I can’t see anything,” the matador shouted as he was rushed to emergency facilities at Zaragoza’s Misericordia bullring before being driven to the hospital.

So what did Marques the bull get for winning his match against Padilla?

Marques, the bull from the Ana Romero ranch which gored Padilla, was put to the sword by the senior matador on the bill, Miguel Abellan, who despatched it with tears streaming down his face.

‘Honorable sport’ my ass!

And now for the full video goodness.



Padilla is vowing to return to the ring.  Good.  Let’s see how you fair next time without depth perception.




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