Someone’s mother didn’t love them enough AMERICAN ATHEIST…

Someone’s mother didn’t love them enough.


This is a prime example of the ‘church and state’ ignorance running rampant in our society. The Establishment Clause does a few things:

1) Government can’t establish a religion (i.e. The Church Of The United States).

2) Government can’t favor one religion over the other.

3) Government cannot impede the free exercise of religion.

4) Government can’t favor any religion over non-religion. And …

5) Government can’t favor non-religion over religion.

So the lonely atheists with mommy issues here are actually advocating rewriting the Constitution they so ignorantly proclaim to be abiding by.


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  1. Someone didn’t go to school to be a journalist, apparently.

    A state director is not the leader of American Atheists.

    I know it’s hard for people nowadays, but check your sources.

    • Yep, clearly you didn’t go to school for journalism. No where in the article I cited does it say that. It does, however, say the “American Atheists’ Georgia State Director.” As in … the group’s Georgia State Director. It’s written pretty clearly.

      Your comment wouldn’t have been valid to the story anyway. I was commenting on the comments of this atheist group member. Which is clearly posted on their website.

      Thanks for reading.