Commie Pinkos Endorse Obama Again

No it isn’t the first time.  I doubt it will be the last time they sing his praises either.

The Communist Party USA endorsed Sen. Obama in 2008, and have now endorsed him again for 2012.

At this point, reasonable people would take a step back, absorb these facts, and then realize there’s something VERY wrong going on.


Jarvis Tyner writes in the latest Peoples World:

After watching the recent Republican presidential debate in Iowa, I am sure millions have been convinced more than ever that the Republicans must be defeated in 2012.

This motley crew of right-wing fanatics are not in favor of giving any concessions to the working class, the poor or the victims of systemic racism.

“Right-wing fanatics?”  As opposed to left-wing fanatics that make up the base of the Communist Party?  I guess calling the kettle black is in this season.

Jarvis Tyner continues …

In their debate, the war hawks pushed for more war, more squandering of blood and treasure while claiming to support the troops.

Because the history of Communism isn’t at all filled with war.

I encourage you to read the full article.  It’s astounding how Jarvis Tyner sounds like:

  1. A Communist
  2. A radical nutjob, and
  3. A … well … um … modern Obama Democrat.

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