Teachers Fired For Sucking At Their Job Allege Bias Because All Evaluations Are Biased … Not Joking

The teaching profession has become a battle of quality vs quantity.  On the teacher’s side is quantity. On the public’s side is quality.

The teacher’s unions have publicly stated that educating your children is NOT their top priority … bettering their financial situation is.

(Note: Some have alleged that Chanin’s speech was taken out of context.  It wasn’t.  Full transcript here from Media Matters defending him.  No, he didn’t say the NEA doesn’t care about kids.  He did say they are not the NEA’s top priority several times.)

Teachers unions exist for one reason, to get more members.  Why?  Because the more members, the more dues they can collect.  Just like any other corporation.

Bad teachers, and their defenders, always cry foul when the public decides that it is time to focus on quality of teachers as apposed to quantity.  When this happens, bad teachers get fired.  As they should.

Such is the case in Washington DC.

The final bell rang for 413 D.C. public school employees Friday, after officials announced they were being laid off for poor performance and failure to meet licensing requirements.

At this point, all rational debate stops.  Rational people can debate the merits of class size, and teacher compensation.  Rational people will never disagree that teachers who consistently perform poorly, and don’t meet licensing requirements, should be fired.  So be prepared for an irrational argument if someone you know disagrees with these firings.

As is always the case, the teachers have defended themselves.

Still, the Washington Teachers Union has issues with “IMPACT”, and they don’t think this particular evaluation system gives their members a fair shake.

“‘IMPACT’ as an evaluation system is biased,” contends Washington Teachers’ Union President Nathan A. Saunders. “And most, if not all, evaluation systems run by other human beings have been proven to be biased.”

So the only way these teachers can get a fair shake is if Skynet ran the world?

Naturally, the union rep/moron here is upset that the union will lose out on profit because less teachers will be paying dues.  However, I think the inability to offer a coherent defense of these fired teachers speaks for itself.

It’s the union’s infectious profit driven behavior that leads to massive teacher cheating.


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