Weak Women Raise Weak Children

I wrote this post a long time ago on Myspace, and have used it regularly on my show. Every now and then someone requests it.  So I figured I’d repost it here.

Weak Women Raise Weak Children

Today I had the desire to start having children.  Why?  Because I discovered that I wouldn’t be alone in being a good father.

My wife and I went to Red Robin today to get a bite to eat after discovering that the Joey’s by our house is not open yet.  As is always the case, Red Robin had a packed house with tons of kids of all ages enjoying a Sunday meal with their families.  Surprisingly, the noise of children didn’t irritate me as much as it usually does in restaurants  Perhaps it was just that I was happy my wife was back in town.  That, or I’m coming down with some dire illness.

About halfway through our meal a boy that was 5 – 6 years old, sitting in the corner booth, projected his voice beyond the loud obnoxious levels of the other children.  You could tell it was forced, and the boy was attempting to make a scene to get his parents to cave in on something.  You know the yell I’m talking about.  That angry, frustrated, spiteful scream that the child strains to get out.

In modern times the parent usually follows that scream with “ok take it … now stop screaming.”  This new age patheticism that has become the norm in parenting would never have been stood for a few decades ago.  You know, when parents were parents and kids were kids … not the other way around.

As the child hit the climax of his scream the entire restaurant jumped, twitched, and became instantly annoyed at the child.  All of this happened in a fraction of a second, but that short time felt like an eternity.  Suddenly we were all rescued from the agony of hearing a child in the midst of a well orchestrated tantrum by the only sound that could silence the boy’s scream … his father’s voice.  “No, stop it!” he yelled.  The father’s voice was loud, direct, and clearly intimidating.  Those three words delivered exquisitely, and timely, immediately silenced the boy, and put an end to the tantrum.

Wow, I was impressed that a parent would have the courage to actually act as a parent in public these days … truly inspiring.

Then it happened. 

“That was WAY out of line!” a woman behind me yelled.  “That was just uncalled for.” she continued.  Then I heard a couple of women who work for Red Robin say similar things from the kitchen area.  Next I heard other women around me criticizing the father’s direct, and successful, action.  They were not being quiet about it.  They wanted the father to hear their disapproval.  I could not contain myself, “Hell no, that’s a good father right there!” I said.  “That’s how you get control of your kid.”

I had challenged the hags, and they retreated to whispers.

The woman who originally protested the father’s actions behind me suddenly found herself having to explain to her male companion what had happened.  I turned my ear and listened to the conversation.  He missed the whole thing, and couldn’t understand why she was so angry. 

As she explained it to him she tried to lead him to how horrible, and out of line, this father was for daring to confront his bratty kid.  However, her companion didn’t understand what the fuss was about.  She continued to press that it was wrong to raise your voice to a child. 
Not wanting to get into an argument with her … this punk coward of a man found a way to concede so he could avoid what he undoubtedly felt was a unimportant conversation.  See people, this is one of those extremely important talks you shouldn’t avoid.  If they have kids … there will be issues.

I continued to boast in defense of the father loudly, but half disguised as merely a conversation with my wife.  I did this until I was the only one willing to discuss the matter any further … I had won.  I had defended the good guys against modern feminist weakness.

If more fathers, or mothers for that matter, cared as much about their kids as this man does we would have a much better world.  Instead, weak men dominated by even weaker women let their children get away with anything they want.  Next thing you know we have sissy kids who run around unattended in public annoying everyone.  As time goes on these sissy kids grow up, mate with other sissy kids, and we have a whole specie of uber sissy pansies on our hands.  We call them neo-hippies, or liberals for short.

In closing, I would like to point out that not one man in that restaurant complained about the father’s actions, but not one spoke up either.  Inside of 1 minute the boy and the father were laughing and playing while enjoying their family time on a Sunday afternoon.  Clearly there was no harm or animosity.  An entire restaurant full of people continued to enjoy their lunch, the father and son enjoyed great family bonding time, and I shared the experience with all of you.  All because one father chose to behave as a father should, and disciplined his child with three little words.




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  1. [“That was WAY out of line!” a woman behind me yelled. “That was just uncalled for.” she continued. Then I heard a couple of women who work for Red Robin say similar things from the kitchen area. Next I heard other women around me criticizing the father’s direct, and successful, action. They were not being quiet about it. They wanted the father to hear their disapproval.]

    I wonder if those idiots had children. I doubt it.