Obama Less Popular Abroad Than Bush

In yet another example of how Obama has not been the great uniter many expected him to be, his popularity in the Arab world is less than that of Bush at the end of his presidency.


Obama’s approval ratings are even lower than President Bush’s before he left office in 2008. They dropped from 26 percent to 12 percent in Morocco, 9 percent to 5 percent in Egypt, 16 percent to 10 percent in Jordan and 22 percent to 12 percent in the UAE (though they did improve in Saudi Arabia, and tick up slightly in Lebanon).

I should note that the survey also found a dip in his popularity when bin Laden was killed. So, those numbers should be thrown out because we don’t care what terrorist scum think. We really shouldn’t care what anyone abroad thinks, but I’m drawing on years of data that shows it wasn’t Bush that made the US unpopular in hostile regions.  It is, in fact, that we are Americans.

If Obama is unpopular in hostile regions, that suits me just fine.  The real issue is that he is not popular in friendly ones either.

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It’s Official: Obama Has Pissed Off More Allies Than Bush

Posted by Casey on February 3, 2009

In record time too!

We all know that Obama is having problems mending fences with our enemies … because they hate us. He has also angered several of our allies since winning the election. I wrote about it herehere and here. However, that list has now grown to include more of our allies than were ever angry at Bush for his policy in Iraq.

The latest allies to get super pissed at the great uniter are the European Union, and India.

That’s one impressive list Mr. President. Bush only angered four or so allies, and two of them got caught violating international law and arming Saddam illegally.

He also didn’t improve relations with Iran as promised.  The streets were literal burning when he was inaugurated.  He never had a chance to build bridges with them because their government hates us.  It is, however, a failure in his stated policy.

The biggest beef I have is that he treats the American public as his enemy … literally!


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