One Day After Dems Propose $2 Trillion In New Taxes, Obama Says “Nobody’s Talking About Increasing Taxes” … Proposes New Taxes 9 Minutes Later

Whew! That post title is a mouthful, but there isn’t a better way to put it.


During his press conference today Barack Obama told reporters that nobody’s talking about increasing taxes:

11:22 a.m. ET – @LisaDCNN: OBAMA-TAXES: Nobody has talked about increasing taxes now or next yr. We have talked about closing loopholes in 2013.

Then 9 minutes later told reporters that we need to increase revenues (taxes):

11:31 a.m. ET – “It is hard to persuade people to do hard stuff that includes trimming benefits and increasing revenues” Obama said. “Reason we have a problem now is people keep avoiding hard things.”

Remember, the government’s source of revenue is taxes. Increasing revenue = increasing taxes.

The left seems to love saying ‘Nobody is talking about (blank).”  I recently had a comment saying ‘Nobody said Bush was raising the price of gas for his oil buddies.’  I wonder what page this is in their playbook?

Anyway, Obama said this only a day after congressional Dems proposed $2 trillion in new taxes.  I suppose it’s possible Obama is calling congressional Dems ‘nobodies.’


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