178 Teachers Caught In Widespread Student Cheating Scandal To Increase Their Own Salaries

In what could be the most widespread single account of corrupt public education, 178 educators (including principals) were caught defrauding the government and the taxpayer, as well as the children themselves.


Teachers and principals erased and corrected mistakes on students’ answer sheets.

Area superintendents silenced whistle-blowers and rewarded subordinates who met academic goals by any means possible.

Superintendent Beverly Hall and her top aides ignored, buried, destroyed or altered complaints about misconduct, claimed ignorance of wrongdoing and accused naysayers of failing to believe in poor children’s ability to learn.

For years — as long as a decade — this was how the Atlanta school district produced gains on state curriculum tests.

Right about now someone will tell me to stop picking on these poor teachers.  They were forced to do it, or their pay is so low they had to do it to survive … something along those lines.

80 of them have already confessed, it’s been going on over a decade, and they know that 44 of 56 schools participated.

One teacher said:

“APS is run like the mob,” one teacher told investigators, saying she cheated because she feared retaliation if she didn’t.

That’s because APS (like all public schools) is dominated by teacher’s unions.  They are little more than the mob, but that’s no excuse.

There is pending criminal charges as well.  Hopefully they’ll actually get the charges right. If teachers used these scores to increase their salary, chances are the amount of increase qualifies as felonious fraud.  Yes, they should be charged with felonies.

Another aspect of this is whether or not the students benefited from these false grades by getting scholarships.  Now the issuing institution has also been defrauded.  We must also consider any students who failed at the next level, but still has student loan debt.


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