I Am Not Going To Wisconsin

I haven’t told many people this yet, but I guess it’s time.

Listeners were told I’d been offered, and accepted, a show in central Wisconsin.  I was supposed to be relocated to Wisconsin by July 15 at the latest.

A little over a week ago, I called to get my promised relocation funds from the station.  We finally found a house in Green Lake, WI, and wanted to secure it before it was given to someone else.  When I called I was told that the financing to buy the station had fallen through, and I did not have a job.  I was under the impression the sale had already happened, and we were waiting for the FCC to sign off on it.

I was then told they decided to not call and tell me because they were trying to get more financing.  Meanwhile, I was ready to put my house up for rent, and had started selling off our stuff (house in Green Lake is fully furnished).  If they chose to not tell me I didn’t have a job only a week or two before I was to move because they were working on other financing, why did they call it quits the moment I called them?  Clearly, they just didn’t want to tell me for whatever reason.

In a strange turn of events, the day before this happened I got a call from one of my previous suitors inquiring if I was still interested if they could get approval.  I told them I was, but it’s no guarantee.  I always knew that station wanted me, it’s corporate that has to be convinced.

So as it stands now, I’m unemployed, and have no job lined up.  So if you know of anything that could help me pay my bills, let me know.  I don’t even have the cash to get my real estate license right now because of the unemployment department’s little crusade against me.



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